Berliner Gram-O-Phone

Berliner Gram-O-Phone (Canada) / c. 1923

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Design: Purple and gold make a gorgeously rich label (purple was the most difficult dye to make for robes, and thus was reserved for royalty).

History: The Berliner Gram-O-Phone company was bought out by Victor in 1924. An Empire Day message from their majesties George V, King of England 1910 - 1936, and his wife, Queen Mary. Empire Day was first celebrated in 1902 in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday, 24 May, following her death the year before. It did not become an official holiday until 1916. Renamed 'British Commonwealth Day' in 1958, Empire Day is still celebrated in Canada as Victoria Day, on the last Monday of the month before 24 May. Label scan courtesy of collector Jean Theriault of Montreal, Canada.

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