York Record

York Record (Canada) / 1917

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Design: The coat of arms shows a pair of 'supporters,' a fur-hatted frontiersman carrying his axe facing the Roman goddess Britannia, defender of the shores of Britain, who bears her traditional shield and trident. A beaver, symbolizing Canada, is above the crown over the shield, which is quartered with the three lions of England, a fishing vessel, a sheaf of grain to represent farming, and yet another beaver. The banner reads 'Industry / Intelligence / Integrity.'

History: The name of this rare label, which survived less than a year, harks back to a time when Toronto and the surrounding area of York County were part of the Home District of Upper Canada (now Ontario). The label was issued in French-dominated Quebec, which may account for its short lifespan. Label scan courtesy of Alec Flexer of Canada.

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