Valkyrie Record

Valkyrie Record (U.K.) / c. 1913

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Design: The design has a classical, feminine quality, with the graceful pen lettering and the ornamental swags. An early example of an underlined swash lettering for the label name, a treatment which later became much more robust (e.g. Marathon). The arms of the capital letters are extended into flourishes, creating a compact visual unit known as the logotype.

History: Evidently produced for Catesbys, a London department store. The Valkyries, in Nordic folklore, were maidens who served Odin, the god of war. 'The Valkyries' was one of the four segments of Wagner's opera The Ring, which was very popular in Germany at this time; despite the disclaimer that the record was entirely made in England, it was likely made in Germany. Label scans courtesy of UK music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt.

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