The Flag Record

The Flag Record (U.K.) / c. 1912

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The label name lettering and the overall treatment is very much like other labels from the Beka company, such as Encore, John Bull Record, Jumbo-Record etc. The varied design treatment of earlier Beka labels seems to have crystallized into plain lettering and simple graphics after Swedish-German magnate Carl Lindstrom began gaining control of Beka in around 1910.

Interestingly, many German-made contemporary labels marketed in Britain seemed to appeal to British patriotic values (Albion Record, Invicta Record, John Bull Record, Our Flag Record, Crown Record etc). Here, a much-simplified version of the Union Jack (right) shows no definition of the three crosses of which it is composed: the red + of St George for England, the white X of St Andrew for Scotland, and the red X of St Patrick for Ireland. The curving organic decoration strung across the centre may have been intended to represent sea-waves, Britain being at that time the undisputed ruler of the world's oceans.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

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