Stern Platte

Stern-Platte (Germany) / 1919

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Design: The curlicued borders contrast with the straight lines of the stars ('Stern' means 'stars' in German) and the plain, sans-serif lettering. The label name is planted straight across rather than following the outer curve; its positioning allows appropriate room for the logo and imprinting, which is also done in a clear, sans-serif font.

History: Label scan courtesy of music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K. Thanks to collector Georg Richter of Germany, for the following updated info: "Stern-Platte was first advertised in 1919. At the end of this year, Schallplattenfabrik 'Stern' Ernst Hesse was filed as # 51795, located in Berlin SO 27, Elisabethufer 33. The company was soon renamed to 'Schallplattenfabrik Star-Record m.b.H.' In March 1920, the 'Stern-Platte' label was renamed 'Star-Record.'"

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