Special Rekord

Special-Rekord (Austria) / c. 1913

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Design: The upper segment, carrying the illustration, occupies rather more than half the label area, and shows a charming vignette of a barefooted maid, her flower-garlanded hair flying as she twirls to the tune played by a shepherd boy. Perhaps she is a goddess or a muse, conjured into reality by his music; she at least casts a shadow, as he does. Wearing a bear-skin tunic, the shepherd (who might also be an earthly appearance of the god Pan), is seated on a rock against a tree-trunk, his crook by his side.

History: Thanks to Veljko Lipovscak for supplying the following info: "Line 1: Benjamin Ipavec (1829-1908) was a Slovenian composer and director. Line 2: 'Bodi zdrava domovina' means 'Save the Homeland' in the Slovenian language; a choral song. Line 3: Osmeropev 'Glasbena Matica' refers to a vocal octette of the cultural association Glasbena Matica, from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Slovenia belonged to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire until 1918. All the recordings for the Austrian-Hungarian Empire were produced only in Austria because of high import customs."

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