Scala-Record 1

Scala-Record (U.K.) / c. 1914

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Design: The illustration depicts the famous La Scala Opera House in Milan; the font used for the main title line is appropriately, a 'Latin,' defined by triangular-shaped serifs. The song title is set in a bold condensed font of the popular 'Cheltenham' family, first introduced in 1904. A Victorian-looking fleur-de-lys belt-buckle design divides the label into two equal segments. The difficulty of letterpress printing is shown in that the outer border, with its fine lines, has plugged solid in the bottom half, where the overcharged letterpress ink rollers have completely filled in the space between the fine lines, yet there is still not enough ink for the solid areas of the label name.

History: The Scala name, marketed by the Fonotipia company, first appeared in 1911, and lasted until 1919. Revived in 1920 by the American-owned Vocalion label, which had a British subsidiary, the Scala name would continue until 1927. Label scans above and below right courtesy of jazzologist and collector Dave Dixon of Canada.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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