Playerphone (U.S.A.) / 1916

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Design: The 'logo' developed in the early 20th century as a way of giving a uniquely recognizable 'look' to a certain word, rather than using regular printer's type, and using custom-drawn letters to make the word-picture. This is a nice example, being, like many, based on brush script and featuring a 'signature-style' underlining swash. While many logos featured large-scale letters with a tall x-height to gain maximum visual impact (e.g. the Resona label), a 'quality' or more refined image is aimed at here, by employing a relatively light weight of line, a small x-height allowing for long, graceful ascending strokes, and straight-backed letters surrounded by an aura of gold.

History: Founded in 1916, this vertical-cut record label was the line of a phonograph manufacturer supplying records to go with their own machines. Brunswick, Pathé, Phonola and others followed the same path.

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