Perfectaphone Paris

Perfectaphone Paris (France) / c. 1914

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Design: A charmingly romantic design executed in warm tones, the illustration (and probably the record itself) evidently serving to promote the Perfectaphone portable gramophone, which features an oblong-to-circular external horn fitting inside the machine's lid. Astonished to hear the superior quality of sound coming from the machine, the beautiful young artiste in the background (relative scale having been ignored) jumps to her feet in admiration, discarding her lute in the process.

The label name, unevenly lettered in rather thin roman capitals, has been broken and wordspaced rather awkwardly, the word 'Paris' probably having been added in the interest of visual balance.

The lower segment contains a scroll-worked panel superimposed over a stylized wreath, which for some reason extends further up the right side than the left, even running behind the lettering.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Helmut Janisch of Germany.

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