Parlament-Record (Hungary) / c. 1919

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Design: The silhouetted illustration which gives its name to the record label apparently represents the Parliament buildings in Budapest, Hungary, the wavy lines beneath it representing the river Danube (compare with Wikipedia pic below). The stylized, organic ornamentation in the surrounding border probably takes its inspiration from elements of Hungarian folk art; vestiges of Art Nouveau remain in the curving lines of the fat 'buds' either side of the song title. The shadow behind the block-lettered label name lend strength and brightness to the very attractive and still 'modern' design.

History: A search for Hunnia Nyomda R.T. (inscribed in small letters at the foot) reveals that this refers to a Budapest-based printing company in business from 1888 to 1930. Label scan courtesy of collector Lucyna Lachowicz of Poland.

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