Mirofon (Austro-Hungarian Empire) / 1913

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Design: This bright and eye-catching label, with its sensuous doodlings, illustrates the powerful influence that Art Nouveau had on commercial design (and would continue to have; this 'psychedelic' look would not be out of place on a 1970s 'far-out' rock music poster). The overall layout, including the ornamentation either side of the spindle hole, is quite similar to that appearing on other labels from Hermann Maassen Record Works, e.g. the Eden-Record (right). The idea of screening behind the imprinting area is also carried through, though here the actual imprinting is more than a little off-centre.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Gabriel Gössel of Czechoslovakia, who writes: "Another example of the numerous 'made-to-order' labels produced by the Hermann Maassen Record Werke factory in Bohemia, this one being ordered by Prague wholeseller Arnošt Fučík, whose initials appear in the monogram above the spindle hole. The matrices were obtained from Homophon and Odeon."

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