Lyceum Record

Lyceum Record (U.K.) / 1913

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Design: A well-laid out design featuring a stylized scroll containing the label name. Instead of being treated as a single unit with the word 'Lyceum,' the word 'Record' is separated from it and scaled down, as if becoming aware of its own redundancy (following WWI, the word would disappear from almost all 78 rpm labels). Note how the letter 'C' has been modified so as not to interfere with the portrait. Art Nouveau influence lingers in the flowing lines of the borders in both the upper and lower segments.

History: One of many German-made records marketed in England prior to WWI. The word 'Lyceum' originates from the Greek school associated with Aristotle, and is often used to describe scholastic institutions; 'lycée' is the French word for 'school.' The 'C' and 'B' either side of the portrait refers to the store William Cooper Brothers of London, through whom this label was sold (see also the Coliseum label). Label scan courtesy of UK music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt.

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