Lipsia Record

Lipsia Record (Germany) / c. 1910

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Design: One of the very few pre-WWI record labels in which the label name runs straight across instead of following the outer circumference. A stylized leaf pattern for the outer border breaks to the left and right, a treatment also appearing on the earlier Kalliope label, which may have influenced this design. The typefaces used for the imprinting certainly follow the same style (note the bold 'modern' figures used for the catalogue number above the spindle-hole, and the sans serif font used for the address in the lower segment). The bright orange and blue colour combination is out of the ordinary; most two-colour offerings of the period were black and gold.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Musikhaus Lipsia Platten-Centrale of Leipzig, Petersstrasse 44, started out by distributing Odeon-, Homophon-, Beka, Favorite- and Kalliope-Records to resellers. In August 1907 they acquired the entire record stock of Leipzig gramophone manufacturer Carl Below, and started their own label, reissuing material which had previously appeared on the Kalliope label. The date of this release is uncertain, but #2047 was originally released on Kalliope (with the same catalogue number) in 1909, so this probably dates from 1910. The advertisement below appeared in the Phonographische Zeitung trade magazine from August 1907. The name 'Lipsia' comes from the Latin name for the city of Leipzig."

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