La Fonotecnica 2

La Fonotecnica (Italy) / c. 1915

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Design: A laurel-leaf border (suggesting victory) encloses the strong design, with the well-drawn outlined label name arranged in a semicircular arc over a beribboned theatrical (or operatic) mask.

History: Unknown (have info? Please send to Label scan courtesy of collector Giuliana Fugazzotto of Italy, who writes: "I think this recording is post-1913 but earlier than the 1920s. The Valzer Tesoro mio, composed by Ernesto Becucci, was published by Ricordi of Milan in 1894. The other side of the record features Il cuore non invecchia by Ferruzzi, from the title of a 1913 film."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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