Kalophone Grand Record

Kalophone Grand Record (U.K.) / c. 1913

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Design: The label name is lettered in high-waisted monoline caps which became popular during the turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau era (compare with the label name lettering on the early Columbia label, right). The logo shows a stylized lyre bird (so-called because of its lyre-shaped tail), which is native to southern Australia and Tasmania. A rubber-stamped imprint at the foot reads 'Made in England.'

History: Unknown (have info? Please send to info.re.78s@shaw.ca). Manufactured in England and distributed in Australia by the Beale company, which had its beginnings in the mid-1880s with Irish immigrant Octavius Beale as dealers in imported pianos and sewing machines. Beale soon began to manufacture the Kalophone Talking Machine (record player), which was copied from a German model. Label scan courtesy of music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

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