Kunstler Schallplatte "Grammophon"

Künstler-Schallplatte "Grammophon" (Germany) / c. 1919

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Design: This attractive design features 'saloon-door' curving lines for the panel in the upper segment with a straight-lined 'T' shape in the lower segment (a format seen on earlier labels), the outer spaces being filled with Victorian-era curlicues. The label name, lettered in a monoline script, shows some interesting looping letterforms (p, h) which in spite of constricted available space, remain quite legible.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "In 1917 'Deutsche Grammophon Ges.' became 'Deutsche Grammophon A.-G.' The label above was used for the re-issue of earlier mechanical recordings which had appeared on the Concert Record Grammophon(e) label; this recording by Enrico Caruso was made in 1909."

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