His Masters Voice 4

His Master's Voice (Canada) / 1919

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Design: A very attractive symmetrical typographic design in gold on purple (the colour traditionally reserved for royalty, as purple was the most difficult of clothing dyes to produce).

History: The Prince of Wales at this time was the headstrong and feckless Edward, eldest son of King George V and Queen Mary. Handsome and very popular as a young man, he often represented the King on royal visits such as this one to Canada in 1919. Crowned as King Edward VIII in 1936, he would soon cause a scandal by his rash proposal of marriage to an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, for whom, after less than a year as reigning monarch, he abdicated the throne. During WWII he and his wife, now titled Duke and Duchess of Windsor, were strongly suspected of Nazi sympathies and following the war, would spend the remainder of their lives in exile in France. Label image courtesy of collector Jean Theriault of Canada.

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