Gramophone-Record (Germany) / c. 1916

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Design: The label exemplifies the careful typography and beautiful printing quality typical of German records. The serial numbers are set at an angle, presumably to allow space for the positioning of a royalty stamp.

History: This German-made record shows the image of a Victor phonograph minus Nipper the dog. Label scan courtesy of Mauricio Ruiz of Argentina. Thanks to collector Georg Richter of Germany, who researched the dating of this record to 1916. Thanks also to Jens-Uwe Völmecke for the following updated information: "One comment on the 'No Nipper' Gramophone record label: it is true that the recording dates to 1917, but the pressing was made after 1918 for export purposes, that's why it was found outside Germany. Reason: after Germany's defeat in WWI, Deutsche Grammophon was not allowed to use the 'His Master's Voice' trademark outside Germany. So, in order not to lose their foreign market sales, an immediate solution was to alter the trademark. Deutsche Grammophon created an alternative label for classical records by Caruso, Chaliapine, Ruffo, etc. which was called Opera Disc Record. Records of this kind were exported until about 1920, then both labels were replaced by the newly created Polydor trademark."

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