Globe Record

Globe Record (U.K.) / c. 1912

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Design: The globe, superimposed on hanging wreaths, shows the North American continent to the fore, though according to knowledgeable sources, this rare German-made label (disguised as 'Prussia') was possibly made for export to Australia. The label name follows the outer curve, suggesting a pre-WWI provenance; the scrollwork ornamentation alongside the spindle hole has a Victorian flavour.

The song Whistling Rufus (right) was composed in 1899, from the 'minstrel' era of stage entertainment, when 'black-faced' whites demeaned blacks with patronizing 'coon' songs, while blacks mocked the pretentious promenading of whites in 'cakewalks.' At one time such material was considered harmlessly humorous but is now seen as blatantly racist.

History: Label scan courtesy of musicologist and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

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