Fabbrica Italiana Dischi

Fabbrica Italiana Dischi (Italy) / c. 1911

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Design: A graceful and elegant design, showing a geometric logo which combines the initials FIDM (Fabbrica Italiana Dischi Milano) at the top centre. A female classical muse sits on a fluted stone bench to the left (likely representing Terpsichore, one of the nine daughter of Zeus, who had authority over the arts of music and dance), carrying a floral crown in her left hand and a miniature cetra or lyre in her right. On the right hand side a spray of laurel leaves, symbolizing award-winning victory, is overlaid by a collage of musical instruments, including guitar, lyre, flute, cymbals, lute and harp, with a music scroll behind. The flowing double-line border and the little decorative panels reflect the turn-of-the-century Arts and Crafts fashion, as does the high-waisted lettering of the label name.

History: Unknown (have info? Send to info.re.78s@shaw.ca). Label scan courtesy of collector Giuliana Fugazzotto of Italy.

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