Eden-Record (Austro-Hungarian Empire) / c. 1912

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Design: In this powerful, well-proportioned arrangement, the organic, curving lines so typical of the Victorian era (as can be seen in the RWHM monogram) are here becoming more stylized, angular and geometrical, drawing the eye into the centre of the design, with a random screen of the solid blue providing a subtle light background for the imprinting area. Another indication of departure from Victorianism is that each line of the imprinting is set in a common type style.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Gabriel Gössel of Czechoslovakia, who writes: "Another from a series of made-to-order labels pressed in Hermann Maassen's factory near Carlsbad, in north-west Bohemia. Actually, these records were produced not fully 'kosher,' according the law. The ornamental 'RWHM' abbreviation appears all labels produced by Record Werke Hermann Maassen."

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