Disque Eden

Disque Éden (France) / c. 1910

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Design: Why the label name (Éden) is so called is unclear. Although the logo at the top is obscured by a stamp, the design seems to have been reproduced on the stamp itself, and shows a large bright star on a field of lesser ones. There are some very interesting letterforms here, e.g. the font for the word "Collaboration," which seems to have been influenced by the late 19th century interest in Japanese art and culture, in which parts of the letters stick out at odd angles (supposedly lending an 'oriental' air), and the stylish 'Paris' at the foot, which is evocative of that city's Art Nouveau heritage. The lettering running around the upper segment is of the 'high-waisted' variety, also influenced by the Art Nouveau fashion (in vogue roughly 1890-1906).

History: The identity of the publishers, "Société Anonyme [Fran]caise Ondographique," is unclear; according to Online Encyclopedia, ondography is "an instrument for producing a graphical recording of an alternating current by measuring the charge imparted to a capacitor at different points in the cycle." Label scan courtesy of collector Graham Farnell of the U.K.

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