Disque Aerophone

Disque Aerophone (France) / c. 1912

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Design: Two completely different styles of lettering are seen on this image (etched into the record, not printed on paper), both of which evolved in the Victorian era: a plain sans serif for the label name etc., and a very pretty forked-serif Tuscan at the foot. It is unusual to see all lines of lettering following the outer curve, both above and below the spindle hole.

History: Music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt†of the U.K., who supplied the image above, notes that it is from a vertical-cut 10 inch disc, serial #710. Alternate scan below courtesy of Catalan collector VicenÁ Amat.

Thanks for updated info to record collector and royalty stamp expert Adam Miller of New Zealand, who writes: "The GB logo on the Aerophone incised label stands for Societe G. Ballu et Cie, who trademarked Aerophone in 1909. They had two different copyright stamps, one of which had the GB initials in all corners."

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