Disco Nacional

Disco Nacional Gardel-Razzano (Argentina) / c. 1918

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Design: The 'belt' design dividing the upper and lower segments is often seen in designs of this period (e.g. Beka Grand Record). Typical of Victorian-era typography, several classes of type are mixed here (serif, sans serif, block serif). An attempt to add some impact is made in the 'sunburst' effect of lines radiating upward behind the label name, which is so understated as to be almost overpowered by the song title.

History: Collector and music researcher Daniel Beller of Israel, who supplied this image, writes: "Disco Nacional (managed by Max Glucksmann, whose name appears in the small print at the foot), would later morph into the Disco Nacional Criollo and Odeon labels. Disco Nacional promoted this series, issued between 1917-1919, with the names of the recording artists. Gardel-Razzano were Carlos Gardel and Jose Razzano (the latter also cutting some titles for the Era label). Known as 'El morocho y el Oriental,' they would become immortal figures in the tango idiom, although at this time they were recording mostly criolla music."

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