Disco Gramofono

Disco Gramofono (Spain) / 1916

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Design: The label name, drawn in a stylized pen script, remains upright as it travels around the upper segment of the label, a very unusual treatment, with each letter being linked to the next. The wording on the side at the left ('Countermark'), although in the same style, is not given the same treatment.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "The song can be seen and heard on Youtube here. Regarding the song: 'Fea' means 'ugly' or 'ugliness.' Senorita Paquita Escribano was one of the first Spanish vocalists to sing female-related (and sometimes borderline obscene) lyrics. After this release, she and some other female vocalists of the same type soon managed to break the 'macho' rule which had forbidden women to perform such songs."

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