Disco Gaúcho

Disco Gaúcho (Brazil) / c. 1915

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Design: A charming and colourful design, featuring an illustration of a South American cowboy in front of a forest, enclosed within a fan-like border. The original colours are seen more clearly where the duty stamp (on the left) has fallen off. The label name lettering, contained within curving mini-banners, is delicately done in an Art Nouveau-influenced style. The fonts used for the imprinting, a mix of 'modern' and 'wild west' block serif, are from the late Victorian era.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector and musicologist Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K. Thanks to Christoph Lanner for the following updated info: "Savério Leonetti, a Brazilian businessman of Italian descent residing in Porto Alegre, started to produce records in 1913. In the beginning, the matrixes were sent to Germany where the record copies were pressed. In 1914, Leonetti built his own factory, the 'Casa A Electrica,' and from then on produced the records himself. The records were partly sold on the Brazilian home market under the labels Disco Gaúcho and Phoenix, and partly exported to Argentina and Uruguay. In Argentina they were sold under the labels Atlanta, Era, Tele-Phone and Electra, among others -- all of them pertaining to [his business partner] Alfredo Améndola -- and in Uruguay under the label Artigas. Due to economic problems, record production ceased in late 1923.

"Considering the design of the record label, the record should be from around 1915. However, the low catalogue number indicates that the recording itself might already have been made in 1914, soon after the start of production in Leonetti's new factory. The matrix number might perhaps allow a more precise periodization."

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