Era 5

Disco Era (Argentina) / c. 1915

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Design: The rococo bracketing forms a graceful, well-arranged frame for the label name and etched half-tone photograph of the speaker (where hand-drawn images had been used before WWI, the technology is now fully 'mechanical'). In order to maintain balance in the symmetrical layout the letters of the word 'Era' have been expanded.

History: Collector and music researcher Daniel Beller of Israel, who supplied this image, writes: "The so-called 'Serie Politica,' recordings of speeches by socialist politicians issued by Era, 'allowed the voter to listen to the latest political ideas . . . and either applaud or whistle! Four records for the sum of 10 pesos.' These records were issued almost at the end of the label's existence, 1915-1916. The recording quality was excellent and afford a rare glimpse into Argentina of the centenary. The records were made in Germany, already at war, but in 1916 some titles were reissued by Nasca, using the pressing facilities of Salvatore Leonetti in Porto Alegre, Brazil."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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