Dacapo Record

Dacapo Record (Germany) / c. 1910

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Design: As with most pre-war labels, the label name follows the outer curve. Why the Italian-sounding name of Dacapo should have been chosen for a German label is unknown; or why the English word 'Company' should have been used (MBH: Mit Beschrankter Haftung = with limited liability).

History: Label scan above courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany. Beginning in 1907 in Germany, this label was eventually marketed in different countries across Europe, and lasted for five or six years. Label scan below courtesy of the National Library of Serbia, kindly supplied by the head of its Audiovisual department, Vesna Aleksandrovic, To view an interesting Youtube movie called 'Fading Sound: Timely Salvation,' about 78 rpm record sound restoration, made by the National Library of Serbia for the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, click here.

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