Columbia Record 3

Columbia Record (France) / c. 1913

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Design: The 'magic notes' appear here instead of the 'Grafonola' logo. The song, 'The Marseillaise,' the national anthem of France, was written in 1792, and officially adopted in 1795. It is also the first example of the "European march" anthemic style. Since being adopted as France's national anthem, its evocative lyrics and instantly recognizable tune have led to its use as a revolutionary anthem as well as to the inspiration of many pieces of classical music and popular culture (Wikipedia).

History: As previous. Label scans courtesy of collector Graham Farnell of the U.K.

Below: On this Hungarian label (with the international prize awards missing), offices are shown to be in Vienna ('Wien,' capital of Austria) and Budapest (capital of Hungary). Thus the market is focused on the Austro-Hungarian Empire, an entity which began in 1867 and lasted until 1918, when it was dissolved following defeat in WWI.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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