Artiphon Record 1

Artiphon Record (Germany) / c. 1919

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Design: A shadowed 'Gothick' with blobby-serifed mock-medieval decorated initials. The baseline of the word 'Artiphon' follows a gentle arc, the letters retaining their vertical emphasis. The fat underlining swash was a popular graphic at this time.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "According to Horst H. Lange, author of Die deutsche 78er Diskographie der Hot Dance und Jazz-Musik 1903-1958, Artiphon (launched in 1919) was one of several labels owned by Hermann Eisner of Berlin. Others were Kaufhausmarke (a department store); Hertie (a chain store) Hermaphon (a very rare label); Kadewelt (KaDeWelt - 'Kaufhaus der Welt,' Berlin); Rensie (Eisner spelt backwards); and Goldora (offering reissues of Artiphon matrices)." He also notes that the crackle-finish image on this 17-cm record (which does not appear to be manufactured in shellac) is not printed on paper, and was perhaps done by the silkscreen process."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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