Artigas (Argentina) / c. 1910

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Design: The stylish decoration reveals the influence of Jugendstil (Youth Style), the German version of the curvilinear Art Nouveau fashion, which had originated in France during the late 1890s. The chandelier-style design can also be seen on the Chantecler and Beatall labels. The growth of advertising during the late 19th century gave birth to increasingly fanciful treatment of type, seen here in the label name, an attractive outline with a shadow.

History: Label scan courtesy of music reasearcher and collector Daniel Beller of Israel. He writes: "The Artigas label reissued sides from the 60000 series of the Era catalogue, which was issued in Argentina by the German label subsidiary 'The Inventions Co.' and later, 'Jacuboff Hnos.'"

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