Applaudando-Record 2

Applaudando-Record (Sweden) / c. 1914

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Design: A striking though crudely-drawn image depicting the ruins of an ancient Greek temple (a colossal home for a pagan god, whose statue would be housed within), showing flights of steps leading up to three floodlit columns supporting a portion of the roof, with a starlit sky as the background. Why this particular image should have been chosen is unknown, since it does not really match the name, but at this time, major archaeological finds in the ancient world had gripped the imagination of the European public, the progress of digs making sensational headlines in daily newspapers. Several record labels would adopt Greek and Roman names and images for their product lines (Apollo, Janus, Orion etc.).

History: Launched in Halle, Germany in 1911, the manufacturers of Applaudando-Record would soon set up subsidiary companies in Denmark (1913) and Sweden (1914), with the letter 's' being added after the serial number to Swedish releases (as above). The company's growth and development would be hampered by the outbreak of WWI. Label scan courtesy of collector Kjell Thorsen of Norway.

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