Applaudando-Record 1

Applaudando-Record (Germany) / c. 1912

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Design: The illustration shows the fantastical (yet fictional) scenario of an ancient long-bearded and long-haired Persian (?) king dressed in a full-length gold-embroidered green robe, reclining on a decorated couch with a gold-tasselled pillow and spirally-turned columns at its foot, in a palace with what seems to be fretworked windows.

The steps leading up to his royal couch are flanked by human-headed marble-carved beasts wearing rounded hats with hanging ear-flaps. At the king's side is a table-top phonograph with a brass morning-glory horn, on which a record is being played, while the king examines another record he plans to play for his entertainment.

The concept perhaps draws its inspiration from the many discoveries of ancient civilizations that were being made at this time, especially by German archaeologists; many priceless artifacts were being brought from their places of origin to the public galleries of German museums.

History: Launched in Halle, Germany in 1911, the manufacturers of Applaudando-Record would soon set up subsidiary companies in Denmark (1913) and Sweden (1914, next page). The company's growth and development would be hampered by the outbreak of WWI. Label scan courtesy of collector Helmut Janisch of Germany.

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