Adler-Record (Germany) / c. 1910

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Design: A wonderful design featuring the spread eagle, which for many hundreds of years has been the heraldic symbol of Germany. It was seen as representing invincibility, as the 'king of birds' swooped down from on high, its beak open and claws extended, ready to wreak havoc on its hapless prey. Here, though for the most part the bird is represented in its natural form, the tail feathers are worked into a decorative pattern. The lower segment is enclosed by a swelled-line curving border which complements the image very well. In the label name, the words are hyphenated, a typographic habit which can be seen on many contemporary German records marketed in England (e.g. Besttone-Record).

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who notes that as of 1907 the company's name was registered as Adler Phonograph Co. m.b.H., with an address of Orianienstrasse 101, Berlin SW68. He also notes that it had no connection with the Adler-Werke company from the same era, which manufactured bicycles, typewriters, motorcycles and motor vehicles.

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