Standard Record

"Standard" Record (U.S.A.) / 1906

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Design: A very elaborate upper segment, occupying two-thirds of the total label area, with the label name hand-lettered rather unevenly (e.g. compare the two capital As) in 'Egyptian' slab-serif capitals, the leg of the 'R' being foreshortened and its serif kicked upward to economize on space and allow for the maximum scale of lettering. The cartouche beneath the overarching label name is very classy, consisting of a Greek aeolian harp superimposed on a music score book and a wreath of laurel leaves (symbolizing victory), with ribbons flowing behind a violin on one side and a lute (?) on the other. The pretentious advertising blurb 'Warranted Perfect' is in a very large type size of capitals around the foot, encompassing a very small segment allowed for the imprinting, which is reversed out of the solid blue background. The type size used for the song title, serial number etc. is, out of necessity, extremely small. Blue and gold as a colour combination (as often with red and gold), does not always make for the best legibility, since the hues are of similar intensity and lacking in contrast.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Joseph Clack of the U.S.A. Thanks to musicologist and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K., who notes that this record was manufactured by Columbia for the Standard mail-order company of Chicago, and that this particular recording, made by tenor Billy Murray in early 1906, would also appear on the Columbia, Oxford, United and Silvertone labels at various times.

According to Wikipedia: "Cheyenne, a popular sentimental song written in 1906, with words by Harry Williams and music by Egbert Van Alstyne, became a hit for a number of artists. The chorus is as follows:

'Shy Ann, Shy Ann, hop on my pony,
There's room here for two, dear.
But after the ceremony,
We'll both ride back home, dear, as one
On my pony, from old Cheyenne.'"

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