Odeon Record 2

Odeon Record (Austro-Hungarian Empire) / 1908

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Design: An unusual diagonal configuration of background colours, which are at opposite extremes of the colour spectrum, with the gold overprinting remaining quite legible over both. 'Eingetragene Schutz-marke,' seen beneath the representation of the Odeon monument in Paris, translates as 'Registered Trademark.' Patent numbers for states within the Empire, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Canada and Brazil are given, but why such a specific list is unknown.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Gabriel Gössel of Czechoslovakia, who writes: "This record was issued in celebration of Kaiser Franz Josef's 50th Jubilee year as reigning monarch of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the gold and black colour combination being that of the Habsburg monarchy."

Variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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