Novitas-Record (Germany) / c. 1905

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Design: The label name lettering is very similar in style to other German-made labels such as Rubin-Record, Jumbola-Record and Allegro-Record. The masculine, angular ornament above the spindle-hole, looking rather like stylized eagle-wings, show the influence of Jugendstil, the German form of Art Nouveau, while the frilly, feminine outer border is more in the late Victorian style. The font used for the song title is also from the Victorian age.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Lucyna Lachowicz of Poland, who writes: "This German-made record, dating from about 1905, is made of cardboard coated with a black shellac varnish. It is very light in weight and much thicker than a standard record. The recording sound is very poor quality."

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