Luxus Record

Luxus Record (Germany) / c. 1909

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Design: The marvellous pencil (or crayon) illustration of a bosomy and beribboned young woman playing a lute, with a pair of tambourines at her side, is very much in the style of the late 1890s. The subject is reminiscent of the 'Gaiety Girls,' a high-class chorus line featured in popular musical comedies in London's Gaiety Theatre. The Paisley-like patterning in the background is echoed in the underlining beneath the label name.

History: Collector Martín Javier Gorosito of Argentina, who supplied this image, notes: "This very rare label offered pirated versions of recordings by great lyric artists such as Enrico Caruso (other labels, such as Empiro Record, were also guilty of the same practice). The recordings are very noisy because the master matrix used for pressing was created by copying an existing record. The artists received no credit, 'soprano' in this case being Regina Pacini, the wife of Argentinian president Marcelo de Alvear, from a recording she had made in 1906."

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