Gloria Record 2

Gloria Record (Germany) / c. 1908

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Design: A plain but striking design, the decorative, fine-line drawing of the lyre contrasting with the bold strokes of other elements. The label name lettering has been carefully drawn to accommodate the curve; note the cap A with a bar across the top, the extended upper arm of the E, and the R showing a wide bowl and near-vertical leg.

History: Label scan courtesy of Daniel Beller of Israel, who notes: "Gloria (along with Kronophone and Hohnerphone) was one of a variety of labels offered to the countries of the River La Plata (Argentina and Uruguay) by German businessman Carl Lindström." The Gloria label was a low-cost subsidiary of the Lyraphon record company, which accounts for the presence of the lyre logo. Alternate colour scan of a Dutch release (below) courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany.

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