Gath & Chaves

Gath & Chaves (Argentina) / 1907

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Design: A beautifully-arranged label showing the influence of copper-plate engraving. The distinctive arrangement is unique among contemporary labels.

History: Label scan courtesy of Martín Javier Gorosito of Argentina, who notes that Alfredo Gath and Lorenzo Chaves established their department store (in the style of Macy's or Harrod's), in Buenos Aires in the late 19th century. Collectors/buyers: see his web site at Thanks also to Roberto Ruiz of Argentina for the following info: "Avelino Cabezas was at one time a famous department store, which added to their usual multi-article sales the novelty of phonograph records. In the early 20th century it became usual for some big firms to add the selling of records under their own name. Because there were no studios or pressing plants in Buenos Aires until 1919, it was usual for European technicians to come with portable recording machines to make recordings of local artists, for their own companies or for local producers. The original masters were then sent by sea to Europe for the corresponding pressings to be made, the pressed records then being returned to Buenos Aires for selling. Avelino Cabezas and Gath y Chaves, the other competing department store, had a very short cast of local artists but made several recordings of them (both firms disappeared many years ago). The German pressing plants in those days were very active in Brazil and Argentina, and they offered and made every kind of business such as recording, pressing, selling of recording machines, gramophones, licensing recordings, etc."

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