Disque Zon-O-Phone

Disque Zon-O-Phone (France) / 1902

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Design: A very basic assemblage, each line being set in a different type style. Nothing extra in the way of visual appeal, such as a logotype, is offered. However, this label represents a transitional stage in label design; marketers were beginning to understand the importance of simple typography in visual appeal.

History: Thanks to musicologist Dr. Howard Friedman, who writes: "The label shown is on a 7-inch disc recorded in Paris between September and December 1902 by the International Zonophone Company, headquartered in Berlin since June 1901. It was bought out, lock, stock, and barrel, by the Gramophone Company of London on June 6, 1903." Label scan courtesy of Denise Berrisford of the U.K. Below is a scan of the reverse side of the same single-sided record, about which Dr. Friedman notes: "CH. & J.U. [at the centre] stands for Charles and Jaxques Ullmann, Agents of the International Zonophone Company of Berlin for France, Belgium, etc."

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