Disco Zonofono 1

Disco Zonofono (Spain) / 1905

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Design: More attention is now being paid to the style of display type, though the arrangement is still very basic. Note that the lettering of the word 'Disco' is kept vertical though sitting on a curved baseline, rather than being splayed outward. The capital 'Z' with its spiky, triangular serifs shows it to be of the 'Latin' family, a typestyle which was popular in the late Victorian era but lost favour in the early 1900s when fat, blobby serifs became popular (see Victor). A label pasted on the back of this single-sided record shows the exact date of release.

History: Produced for European export by the Universal Talking Machine Co., which after a complicated and troubled history finally expired in 1912.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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