Disco Odeon 2

Disco Odeon (Italy) / c. 1907

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Design: The influence of Art Nouveau, a style originating in the 1890s, can be seen in the flowing, organic lines of the border and the curvilinear strokes of the topmost line of lettering. The logo is a stylized representation of the Odeon Theatre in Paris, which in turn was based on the Odeon of Sparta, an open-air building in ancient Greece which was used for the public presentation of musical performances.

History: Founded in Berlin, Germany in 1903; exports to the American market would eventually morph through the American Record Company into the Okeh label. This label wears the banner of the Italian Fonotipia company. Label scan courtesy of Martín Javier Gorosito of Argentina. Alternate color scan (below right) courtesy of collector Luca Barzaghi of Italy.

Variations of this label design in this decade (click on image to view page):

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