Clarion Record

Clarion Record (U.S.A.) / 1909

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Design: The main line of lettering is hand-drawn, fairly roughly, in a slab-serifed 'Egyptian' style. Appearing ghost-like out of the black background are half-tone images of the busts of a pair of classical musicians (Beethoven? Mozart?). The rubber-stamped imprinting has faded over time.

History: Ex-Edison dealers Ellsworth Hawthorne and Horace Sheble, along with John Prescott, had been partners in the American Record Company, which began production in 1904. After being sued by Columbia, they were forced out of business in 1907. Hawthorne and Sheble (minus Prescott) then started the Star Record label, but within a year were again out of business. In 1909, Hawthorne launched out on his own with the Clarion label (above), but within a year it too was gone.

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