Busy Bee Record

Busy-Bee-Record (U.S.A.) / c. 1906

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Design: Dome-shaped 'skeps,' made of straw woven into rope-like coils, were widely used by apiarists (beekeepers) during the 19th century. They were usually set up off the ground on wooden table-stands, as shown here. Busy-Bee-Records were pierced with a rectangular slot (seen at the foot) which fitted over a matching lug on the turntable of Busy-Bee phonographs. 'Amberized' (an early form of plastic) describes the type of material used for the manufacture.

History: Founded in 1904, this company had a Sherwin Bisbee as one of its principals (which probably gave rise to the label name). Originally, the company made machines which played outsized cylinder records, but in response to public demand, switched their product line to flat discs in 1906.

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