Berliner Concert Record

Berliner Concert Record (Canada) / 1905

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Design: The original artwork of Nipper the dog listening to 'His Master's Voice' was an oil painting, registered as a trademark in 1897. A copy of the image first appeared on Victor labels in 1902 in the form of a wood-engraving. Photo-engraving, a process by which illustrations ('cuts') could be made for letterpress printing by etching thin-gauge zinc plates in baths of acid, was becoming widespread at this time, making the ancient craft of wood-engraving obsolete. However, small-size plates were often difficult to nail down straight on their wood-block mounts (needed to bring them up to type height), as can be seen here. This is one of the few pre-WWI labels where the label name runs straight across rather than being arc-shaped.

History: After selling his business interest in Victor in 1898, inventor and entrepreneur Emile Berliner set up a manufacturing plant in Montreal, which would later be continued by his sons.

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