Alpha Record

Alpha Record (Germany) / c. 1907

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Design: The label name lettering is very interesting for its creative shapes, and seems to have been influenced by the contemporary Jugendstil ('Young Style') fashion, which was the result of a revival of interest in art in southern Germany, drawing on Germanic themes and mythology; original hand lettering was a strong feature of the genre. Another interesting feature is the circular logo with the Greek lettering, reflecting the intense public interest in the culture of classical Greece.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "On this very rare German label, the 'double face' blurb seems a little gratuitous, since Odeon had been making double-face records since 1904. The orchestra shown here, directed by Mr. Seidler-Winkler, had been active since about 1904, usually issuing their records by way of the Grammophon label. It is difficult to determine the year of production; [expert German discographer] Mr. Lange suggests it may be from around 1913 but because of the 'double face' reference I would think it would be earlier. The same title was recorded by another artist in February 1905, so I would tend to date it around 1907(?)."

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