The Cotton Pickers: Shoo Shoo Boogey Boo (1929)

Shoo, shoo, boogey-boo!*
I'm sick and tired of you.
Go pick on somebody new awhile --
I wanna smile.

Shoo, shoo, boogey-boo!
Give me my place in the sun.
Show me how fast you can run a mile!
I've been so long, oh so long in the shadow,
Now I bid you 'so long,' boy, and how, boogey-boo!

Shoo, shoo, boogey-boo!
Your time has come to vamoose --
Oh, you can go to the deuce** right now!

*Appearing on various other labels as 'Bogie,' 'Bogey,' 'Boogey' or 'Boogie.' Seemingly a loose transcription of 'bugaboo,' dictionary-defined as 'an object of fear or alarm' (from 'bogey,' an evil spirit). 

**A further reference to evil, in the person of the devil.

Collecting Notes:

On our annual summer holiday in the B.C. Interior, I drive the family into the little town of Penticton, situated on a low-lying land bridge between two magnificent lakes, the Okanagan and Skaha. I cruise around the town but unfortunately, there's not a single 78 to be found.

It's a hot day, as usual, and on the way back to our cabin the family wants to stop off for ice cream in the even smaller town of Summerland. We pass by a little hole-in-the-wall antique store which I have often visited before without ever having seen a single 78, but on an impulse, I duck in for a quick look round. Lo and behold, there's a whole batch of them in the back corner! Of course everyone else is anxious to get to the ice cream parlour, but I refuse to be distracted, so they leave me on my knees scouring through them. I find a couple of good ones, including this Brunswick from 1929, the last days of real jazz. At $1, it's cheaper (and cooler) than any ice cream cone.

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