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6000. *The Arrows, Baron-102: We ain't gonna ride no more/whats new. RI. $18-
6001. *Elton Anderson, Lanor-509: Sick & tired/life problem. $25-
6002. *Elton Anderson, Lanor-516: The crawl/the crawl#2. $25-
6003. *Beau Allen, HFA-1012:: Give me your love/what a love can do. dj. $33-
6004. *Beau Allen, HFA-1013: Fallen angel/Georgia ground. $33-
6005. *Angelo & the Initials, Congress-229: Someday she'll love me/i should--dj. $28
6006. Apollo 100, Mega-0080: Telstar/minuet for a funky lady.
6007. Alive & Kickin,' Roulette-7087: Just let it come/mother Carey's chicken
6008. Paul Anka, Abc-10064: Something has changed me/its time to cry.
6009. Paul Anka, Buddah-252: Do I love you/so long city. $10-
6010: Astrakan Sleeve, Musicor-1320: Love is everywhere/you can't hide.
6011. Louis Armstrong, Kapp-573: Hello Dolly/ A lot of livin' to do.
6012. Atomic Shelter, Isc-2002: Night launch/state of mind. P/C $15-
6013:.Eddy Arnold, Rca-47-8869: Tip of my fingers/long-friendship.P/C $15-
6014. Eddy Arnold, Rca-47-9667: What a wonderful world/they don't--dj
6015. *Bo and The Weevils, Allen-1006: Misery/paradise. $30-
6016. *Joe Beck, Charles-578: I've got to win your love/little girl--$25-
6017. *Charlie Booth & Rockin'Vs, Lori-9537:Bad u can't remember/Lord made man. $30-
6018. *Charlie Booth, Lori-9538: Lori-9538: Give me a chance/dreamer.$30-
6019. *Bubble Puppy, Int.Artists-128: Hot smoke & sasafrass/lonely. $28-
6020. *Bubble Puppy, Int.Artists-133: Beginning/if I had a reason. $28-
6021. The Bee Gees, Atco-6570: Jumbo/the singer sang his song. $12-
6022. The Bee Gees, Atco-6682: Sun in my morning/tomorrow, tomorrow. $12-
6023. The Bee Gees, Rso-913: Too much heaven/rest your love on me. $12-
6024. The Bee Gees, Atco-6909: Alive/paper mache,cabbages & kings. $12-
6025. Chuck Berry, Chess-101: Johnny B.goode/little queenie. $12-
6026. Teresa Brewer, Signature-101: Some songs/a natural feelin' -P/C
6027. Beach Boys, Brother-1001: Heroes & villains/you're welcome.
6028. Brownsville Station, BigTree-16011: Smokin' in the boys room/barefootin'.
6029. Brownsville Station, BigTree-156: Rock w/the music/the red back spider.
6030. BigTree-15005: I'm the leader of the gang/fast phyllis.
6031. BigTree-16001: Ostrich/kings of the party.
6032. *Boston Tea Party, FlickDisc-900: Free Service/I'm tellin' you. dj. $25-
6033. *Terry Brooks & Strange, StarPeople-0001: Bottom line/do u believe. $20-
6034. Blizzard, Banana-4600: Keep a knockin'/get back etc/health. $25-
6035. Solomon Burke, Chess-401: The do right song/I'll never stop loving you.
6036. Brotherhood of man, Deram-85059: United we stand/say a prayer.
6037. Brook Benton, Merc-71903: Revenge/really,really. dj.
6038. The Bards, (No Label Name)2148: The owl & Pussycat/light of love. $18-
6039. Blondie, Chrysalis-2603: Island of lost souls/dragonfly. P/C
6040. The Beau Brummels, Autumn-16: You tell me why/I want you.
6041. The Box Tops, Mala-12035: I see only sunshine/sweet cream ladies--
6042. The Box Tops, Mala-12040: Soul deep/the happy song.
6043. The Box Tops, Bell-865: Come on honey/u keep tightening up on
6044. James Brown, Scotti Bros-06568: How do you stop/(Same) DJ. P/C
6045. George Baker Selection, Colossus-112: Little green bag/pretty little dreamer. $14-v
6046. Eric Burdon & Animals, Mgm-13636: Help me girl/that aint where its at. BB.
6047. Blues Image, Atco-6746: Rice captain ride/Pay my dues.
6048. Blue Magic-6961: Sideshow/just don't want to be lonely.
6049. Hank Ballard & Midnighters, King-15001: Annie had a baby/work w/me Annie. RI.
6050. The Blue Cats, Charly-1075: Wild night/jump cat jump. P/C
6051. David Bowie, Rca-apbo-0160: Sorrow/Amsterdam.
6052. David Bowie, Emi-8165: China girl/shake it.
6053. David Bowie, Emi-8158: Let's dance/cat people-
6054. Joan Baez, Vanguard-35138: The night they drove old Dixie down/when time--
6055. Lattimore Brown, 77-2127: I'm not through loving you/I've got everything--
6056. *Boxcar Willie, Main Street-950: Boxcar blues/don't let the stars- $12-
6057. *Boys of the BGolden West, Palomino-8: That silver haired daddy of mine/-
-In the valley of the moon. (Kenny Roberts & Don Cleary) $12-
6058. Harold Bailey & Co.Drifters, Gira-9145: I'm gonna leave/I'm a fool. $25-
6059. George Benson, WB-7-29120: 20/20 /Shark bite. P/C
6060. Russ Ballard, EMI-8275: The fire still burns/hold on. P/C
6061. Bellamy Brothers, WB-49639: Givin' into love again/do u love as good-
6062. *Freddy Cannon & The Belmonts, MiaSound-1002: Lets put the fun back--
-In Rock & Roll/your mama ain't always right. $14- (Below,$14-)
6063. *Freddy Cannon, Amherst-327: Rockin' in my socks/Rockin' in my socks (Inst)
6064. *The Carter Brothers, Charly-120: (small hole)Southern country boy/------
--Booze in the bottle/Booby trap baby. P/C $24-
6065. *Willie Cobbs, Riceland-110: Don't worry about me/I'll love only you.$24-
6066. *Willie Cobbs, SoulBeat-112: Eating dry onions/worst feeling. $24-
6067. *Albert Collins, Tumbleweed-1002: Get your business straight/frogJumpin'$14-
6068. *The Commons,Ltd,Mod-1005: Roses are red/I'm going to change the world. $38-
6069. *Jimmy Charles, Promo-1003: The age for love/follow the swallow. $20-
6070. *Chylds, WB-7095: Psychedelic soul/deep inside. $40-
6071. Vance Charles & Sonics, GoldenEagle-201: All 4 the love of a girl/put the- $38-
6072. Chicago Piano 'C” Red, Damas-101: 1 Minute after midnight/miss AnnieLou $14-
6073. *Chambers Brothers, Vault-967: House of rising sun/blues get off--$14-
6074. Cartoone, Atlantic-2598: Mr.poor man/knick knack man. BB. $12-
6075. *Corporate Image, Mgm-k13614: I'm not the same/not fade away. BB.$15-
6076. *Cross Country, Atco-6934: In the midnight hour/a smile song. $12-
6077. *Bill Calvert & Reserves Feat.Curtis Lee, Reserve-86901: Passion & pride/--
--Mocking bird. E** (Filmy) $25- Bob Brennan,
6078. *Cat Curtiss, Sunnyview-3002: Yes I love you/I won't let you go. $14-
6079. *Roy C, ThreeGems-108: She's gone (she took TV & telephone)/medley-$15-
6080. Crow, Amaret-112: Evil woman don't play your games on me/gonna leave- $14-
6081. Crazy Elephant, Bell-875: Landrover/There ain't no umbopo. BB.$14-
6082. Canned Heat, Liberty-56097: Time was/low down.
6083. The Candymen, Abc-11023: Stone blues man/deep in the night. dj.
6084. Judy Collins, Elektra-45639: Both sides now/who knows where the time Goes
6085. Jim Croce, Abc-11389: I got a name/Alabama rain.
6086. The Cowsills, Mgm-k14026: Hair/what is happy.
6087. The Cowsills, Mgm-k13886: We can fly/A time 4 rememberance. BB. P/C
6088. Captain Foam, Bold-358: No reason/will there ever be a time. P/C $14-
6089. Captain & Tennille, A&M-1782: Lonely night/smile for me- P/C
6090. Cher, Kapp-2158: The way of love/don't put it on me.
6091. Cher, Kapp-2146: Gypsys,tramps & thieves/he'll never know.
6092. Cher, Mca-40273: I hate to sleep alone/I saw a man & he danced --
6093. Harry Chapin, Elektra-45236: I wanna learn a love song/she sings songs-
6094. Harry Chapin, Elektra-45770: Taxi / Empty.
6095. Vikki Carr, Liberty-56185: Singing my song/make it rain.
6096. Vikki Carr, Liberty-56012: The lesson/one more mountain.
6097. Glen Campbell, Cap-2302: Wichita lineman/fate of man.
6098. Chic, Atlantic-3638: My feet keep dancing/will you cry--
6099. Natalie Cole, Emi-50185: Good to be back/I miss you like crazy.
6100. Commodores, Motown-1527: Lovin' you/oh no.
6101. Commodores, Motown-1474: Still/such a woman.
6102. The Contours, Motown-Do you love me/shake,Sherrie. (DirtyDancing P/C$14-
6103. Alice Cooper, WB-7691: No more mr.nice guy/raped & freezin'
6104. Alice Cooper, WB-7449: Eighteen/body.
6105: Cardini, Greenbrier-1234: Did the mambo come from Ireland/forever-
6106. Rosemary Clooney, Col-4-40835: Mangos/independent.
6107. Kim Carnes, Emi-8077: Bette Davis eyes/miss you tonight.
6108. Irene Cara, Geffen-7-29328: Breakdance/cue me up.
6109. Bing Crosby, De-27478: St.Patrick's day parade/w/my shillelagh under- BB.
6110. Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes, Island-7-9996: Up where we belong/sweet-
6111. Elvis Costello & Attractions, Col-1-11284: Wednesday week/new Amsterdam
6112. Nat King Cole, Cap-4325: Time & the river/whatcha gonna do. dj.
6113. Shaun Cassidy, WB-8488: Hey Deanie/strange sensation.
6114. Classics 4, Imp-66378: Every day w/you girl/sentimental lady.
6115. Christopher Cross, WB-7-29658: Words of wisdom/think of Laura.
6116. Christopher Cross, WB-49580: Never be the same/the light is on.
6117. Linda Clifford, Curtom-0140: If my friends could see me now/please-
6118. Phil Collins, Atlantic-89588: One more night/the man with the horn.
6119. Ray Charles, Abc-11009: Yesterday/never had enough of nothing yet.
6122. *Dick Curless, Tower-124: A Tombstone every mile/heart talk. $14-
6123. Nedra Christensen, Hummingbird-1720: Candy stripe special/I'll cherish- $14-
6124. *Jimmy Collett,Arcade-109:I don't want 2 b alone 4 Christmas/I remember- $28-
6125. Chris Collins, Sleeper-1033: Learnin' to pick/two pieces of paper. $20-
6126. Slim Clark, Palomino-3: The ridge running roan/I bought a rock4 a rocky- $14-
6129. *Lee Dorsey, Fury-1061: Eenie-meenie-minee-mo/behind the 8 ball. $20-
6130. *DeadSea Fruit, Atco-6489:Kensington high st./put another record on lulu. dj. $18-
6131. *Dante & Evergreens, Madison-500: Alley Oop/time machine. RI. $12-
6132. *Geater Davis, House of Orange-79100: I'll play the blues 4 U/disco music. $12-
6133. Bud Dashiell & Kingsmen, WB-5231: Pom pa lom/I talk to the trees. $14-
6134. Dr.Horse, Flashback-46: Salt pork W.Virginia/jack that car was clean. $14-
6135. Dr.John the Night Tripper, Atco-6755: Wash mama,wash/loop garoo.
6136. Bill Deal & Rhondels, Heritage-817: What kind of fool--/RU ready 4 this.
6137. Liz Damon's Orient Express, WhiteWhale-368: 1900 yesterday/you're falling- $14-
6138. Terri Dancer, Reflections-001: Learn from the burn/can't stand the pressure.
6139. Dayton, Cap-5487: This time/fast lane.
6140. Bill Doggett, King-6225: 25 miles/for once in my life. (below, BB)
6141. Sandy Duncan,De-32728:I am a woman/(Hope of the Future) liberation now.
6142. Neil Diamond, Uni-55136: Sweet Caroline/dig in.
6143. Neil Diamond, Uni-55250: Cracklin' Rosie/lordy.
6144. Neil Diamond, Uni-55264: He ain't heavy,he's my brother/free life.
6145. Neil Diamond, Uni-55224: And the grass won't pay no mind/soolamon.
6146. Don Downing, RS-1001: Doctor Boogie/lonely days,lonely nights.
6147. Tyrone Davis, Dakar-621: Love bones/let me back in.
6148. Tyrone Davis, Dakar-618: I'll be right here/just because I love you.
6149. Dr.Hook, Cap-4831: Sexy eyes/help me mama.
6150. Duran Duran, Harvest-5195: Hungry like the wolf/(same but longer)
6151. Duran Duran, Cap-17316: Come undone/skin trade. (Jukebox only)
6152. John Denver, Rca-apbo-0213: Sunshine on my shoulders/around & around
6153. Duran Duran, Emi-44237: I don't want your love,3:47/(same, 4:06) P/C
6154. Duran Duran, Cap-5648: Winter marches on/notorious. P/C
6155. *Bobby Darin, Atco-6229: Things/Jailer bring me water. $14-
5156. *Bobby Darin, Direction-350: Change/long line rider. $14-
6157. Bobby Darin, Atlantic-2350: If I were a carpenter/rainin'. E*
6158. Dion, Laurie-3464: Abraham,Martin & John/daddy rollin'.
6159. Dion, Laurie-ldg-118: Abraham,Martin & John/from both sides now. RI
6160. John Denver, Rca-74-0445: Take me home couintry Rds/poems --
6161. Dale & Grace, Montel-922: Stop & think it over/bad luck. E*
6162. Jimmie Davis, De-732559: Mary let your bangs hang down/today- BB.
6163. Jimmie Davis, De-32677: The three nails/going home. BB (bb hole)
6164. Jimmy Dickens, De-732644: Raggedy Ann/I'd rather sleep in peace. BB
6165. Jimmie Dale, Palomino-4: Got to get to Nashville-/(Bob Lockwood)
6166. Jimmie Dale, Palomino-2: I just tore up your picture/3 little chickens.
6167. Vern Gosdin, Compleat-108: Way down deep/today my world slipped-
6168. The Dixie Drifter, Platinum-2300: Dear John letter/Across the table. $14-
6169.. Mason Dixon, Premier-115: Natchez Queen/Don't say no tonight. $14-
6170. Lushus Daim, Motown-1801: More than u can handle/ (same) promo.
6171. The Everly Brothers, Merc-884 428: Born yesterday/don't say goodnight.
6172. Gloria Estefan, Epic-34-07059: Rhythm is gonna get u/give it up. P/C
6173. Gloria Estefan, Epic-34-73962: Live for loving you/(2 dif. versions)
6174. Gloria Estefan, Epic-34-73769: Seal our fate/ (2 different versions)
6175. Ray Ellis, Atco-6396: I got you babe/king of the road.
6176. England Dan&John Ford Coley,BigTree-16069: Its not the same/I'd-
6177. Earth,Wind&Fire, Col-1-11366: Let me talk /(inst. & vocal)
6178. Eagles,Asylum-11008: Witchy woman/early bird.
6179. Sheena Easton, Emi-8071: Morning train(9 to 5)/calm before --
6180. Rev.Clay Evans, Jewel-260: Lord bless me/lift him up.
6181. Billy Eckstine, Merc-71217: Boulevard of broken dreams/if I can-
6182. The 8th.Day, Invictus-9087: She's not just another woman/I cant- BB. $14-
6183. Electric Light Orch, UA-939: Do ya/nightrider.
6184. *Keith Everett, TmpTing-118:Don't you know/conscientious objector. $22-
6185. Mundo Earwood, Gmc-109: Before we call/you're in love with the wrong-
6186. Leon Everette, True-107: Goodbye king of Rock & Roll/were the daisies-
6187. The 5th Dimension, Bell-880: Puppet man/a love like ours.
6188. The 5th Dimension, Bell-940: 1 less bell to answer/feelin' alright. BB.
6189. The 5th Dimension, SoulCity-755: Another day,--/Rosencrans-P/C. $14-
6190. The 5th Dimension, SoulCity-756: Up-up & away/which way to nowhere.
6191. The 5th Dimension, SoulCity-772: Aquarius-/don'cha hear me callin'-
6192. Connie Francis, Mgm-k13214: Blue winter/u know u don't want me.
6193. Bruce Forsyth, BlueCat-105: Real live girl/deep down inside. dj. $14-
6194. Fleetwood Mac, DJM-1007: man of the world/ (same) 1969 DJ. $14-
6195. Fantacy Hill, Prodigal-0627: Minnie hill/ (same) 1976. DJ.
6196. Aretha Franklin, Atlantic-2486: Ain't no way/since you've been gone. $14-
6197. Aretha Franklin, Atlantic-2787: You're all I need to get by/pullin'. $14-
6198. Aretha Franklin, Atlantic-2386: Do right woman,do right man/I never lover- $14-
6199. Foreigner, Atlantic-3618: Dirty white boy/rev on the red line. P/C
6200. Foreigner, Atlantic-3633: Do what you like/head games.
6201. Foreigner, Atlantic-3651: Women/the modern day.
6202. Foreigner, Atlantic-4044: Break it up/head games.
6203. The Frogs, Mums-6006: I dig Rock & Roll music/tweedlee dee. $14-
6204. Grand Funk Railroad, Cap-2877: Closer to home/aimless lady.
6205. Five Man Electrical Band, Lionel-3213: Signs/hello Melinda --
6206. The Fireballs, Atco-6569: Groovy motions/goin' away.
6207. The Four Tops, Motown-1084: Darling I hum our song/something about you.
6208. The First Edition, Reprise-0799: Homemade lies/but you know I love you.
6209. Freddie & the Dreamers, Merc-72428: Do the freddie/tell me when.
6210. The Foundations, Uni-55101: Build me up buttercup/new direction.
6211. The Fendermen, Era-014: Mule skinner blues/no more. RI. (Re -Issue)
6212. Ferrante & Teicher, UA-50554: Midnight cowboy/rock-a-bye baby.
6213. The Four Freshmen, Cap-f3154: Day by day/how can I tell her.
6214. The 4 Seasons, Philips-40523: Will u love me tomorrow/round & round.
6215. The Four Aces, De-9-29217: Dream/it shall come to pass. sol.
6216. Eddie Fisher, Rca-47-6470: No other love/without you.
6217. Donna Fargo, Dot-17460: He can have all he wants/U were always there
6218. Webb Foley, Fox-103: The last thing on my mind/beer & popcorn. $14-
6219. Greg Fes Sel, Sunrise-001: Greg's dirty dog boogie/I can't hold back- $14-
6220. Billy Falcon, Merc-868 672: Oh boy/power windows.
6221. Marvin Gaye, Motown-54195:The end of our road/me & my lonelyRoom. B.B
6222. Marvin Gaye, Motown-54280: Got to give it up/ part# 2.
6223. Marvin Gaye, Motown-54326: Heavy love affair/far cry.
6224. *The Geers, SSS-760: I need you/please dont break my heart. $25-
6225. Al Green, Hi-2211: La-La for you/look what you done for me.
6226. *Dickie Goodman, Extran-601: Hey E.T./get a job. $14-
6227. Steve Greenberg, Trip-3000: Big Bruce/run to you.
6228. Bobby Goldsboro, UA-50283: Honey/Danny.
6229. Bobby Goldsboro, UA-50461:The straight life/tomorrow is forgotten.
6230. The Grass Roots, Dunhill-4094: Things I should have said/tip of my tongue
6231. Astrud Gilberto/Walter Wanderley, Verve-10480: A certain smile/a certain-
6232. Bobbie Gentry, Cap-5950: Ode to Billie Joe/mississippi delta.
6233. Vince Guaraldi, Fantasy-606: Theme to grace/humbly I adore thee. dj.
6234. Bobbie Gentry/Glen Campbell, Cap-2745: All I have 2 do is dream/less of me
6235. Genesis, Atlantic-3662: Behind the lines/misunderstanding. (Below, dj)
6236.*The Goodtimers, KamaSutra-247:Mr.&Mrs.Arthur Thompson-/You got the fever $15-
6237 J.Geils Band, Atlantic-2844: Looking for a love/whammer jammer.
6238. Genesis, Atlantic-89290: Tonight,tonight,tonight/in the glow of night P/C
6239. Garfunkel, Col-4-45926: All I know/Mary was an only child.
6240. Godspell, Bell-210: Day by day/bless the Lord.
6241. Lee Gotch Singers, Fabor-4016: A man-a woman/you'll always be my love. $18-
6242. Barry Goldberg Reunion, Buddah-59: Hole in my pocket/sittin' in circles. BB.
6243. Larry Graham, WB-50068: Don't stop when you're hot/I love loving you. P/C
6244. Debbie Gibson, Atlantic-89129: Out of the blue/out of blue (Edited)
6245. Don Gibson, Hickory-1638S: Woman(sensuous)woman/If u want me--
6246. Bonnie Guitar, Dot-16987: Only I/the kickin' tree.
6247. Vern Gosdin, Elektra-46052: 1500 times a day/all I want & need forever. dj.
6248. Jack Greene, De-32755: Whats the use/something unseen.
6249. Robin Gibb, Polydor-810 895: Juliet/hearts on fire.
6250. Lorne Greene, Rca-47-8901: Waco/all but the remembering. dj.
6251. Lee Greenwood, Mca-52322: Going,going gone/come on back --
6252. Lee Greenwood, Mca-52656: Same old song/I don't mind the thorns -
6253. Jim Glaser, MobileVision-107: Let me down easy/I'd love to see u again.
6254. Tompall & Glaser Bros, Elektra-47134: Loving her was easier-/united-
6255. The Gatlin Bros, Col-38-06252: Being alone/she used 2 b somebodys baby.
6256. *Harmonica George, ToddlenTown-106:Get some order/get in the kitchen- $25-
6257.**Lightning Hopkins, De-48306: Merry Christmas/happy new year. $43-
6258.*Clyde Hopkins, BlackGold-305: Fatten pin/Santa fee. $25-
6259.*The Happy Return, Cadet-5651: To give your lovin'/I thought I loved her. $23-
6260.*Big John Hamilton, Minaret-148: Take this hurt off me/if your lookin'- BB. $22-
6261. *Roy Head, BackBeat-560: My Babe/pain. $14-
6262. *Hot Soup, RamaRama-7775: Gettin' in my way again/u took me by surprise. $15-
6263. The Happenings, Jubilee-5686: Answer me my love/I need a woman.
6264. Hot Chocolate, BigTree-16047: You sexy thing/amazing skin song.
6265. Hues Corporation, Rca-apbo-0232: Rock the boat/all goin' down together.
6266. Whitney Houston, Arista-12259: My name is not Susan/(same, UK mix
6267. Marshall Hain, Harvest-4648: Dancing in the city/take my number
6268.*The Hueys, Instant-3289: You ain't no hippie/Coo-coo over you. $14-
6269. Janice Harper, Rca-47-8792: He just checked in/take me in your arms-
6270. Brian Hyland, Uni-55287: So long Marianne/no place to run. BB.
6271. The Honey Cone, HotWax-7011: Want ads/we belong together.
6272. Herbie Hancock, Col-4-46002: Chameleon/vein melter.
6273. Al Hurt, Rca-47-8280: Java/I can't get started.
6274. Al Hurt, Rca-47-8104: Song from '2 for the seesaw”/-”11 hour”
6275. Al Hurt, Coral-65590: Floatin' down 2 cotton town/after you've gone
6276. Sam Harris, Motown-1840: Forever for you/ (same) P/C
6277. Daryl Halls & John Oates, Rca-pb-10530: Sara smile/soldering.
6278. Jennifer Holliday, Arista-2238: More & more/I'm on your side.
6279. Marvin Hamlisch, Mca-4017: The entertainer/solace.
6280. Sammy Hagar, Geffen-29816: I don't need love/your love is driving-
6281. Murray Head, De-732603: Superstar/John 1941.
6282. Jan Howard, De-732636: Hello stranger/rock me back to little Rock
6283. Jan Howard, De-732543: I'll go where you go/we had all the great things-
6284. *Hawkshaw Hawkins, King-5765: Sunny side of the mountain/love died- $14-
6285. *Martin Hicks & BlueGrass Boys Gospel, Arzee-133: Lester Flatt & 3. $23-
6286. Harlan Howard, Nugget-1058: Sunday Morning Christian/that little boy -
6287. Tom T.Hall, Merc-73488: That song is driving me crazy/forget it.
6288. Tom T.Hall, Merc-73436: I love/back when we were young.
6289. David Houston, Epic-5-10596: I do my swinging at home/then I'll know u care.
6290. Marle Haggard, Epic-34-04402: If you hated me/someday when things r-good
6291. Merle Haggard, Epic-34-04512: Lets chase each other--/U nearly lose your-
6292. Joe 'Red' Hayes, Starday-717: Sunset years/I grew up loving you. $14-
6293. Shirlee Hunter, Salem-535: Billy Christian/why do you hesitate. $14-
6294. Jim Hinkle & BlueRidge Qrt, CheryLaine-1030: Nobodys darling/release me. $14-
6295. Coy Horton, Rainbow-6010: I'm laughing & I'm grinning/happiness is- $14-
6296.George Harrison, Dark Horse-8294: this song/learning to love you. $14-
6297. George Harrison, Dark Horse-49725: all those years ago/writings on the wall. $14-
6298. Barnie Hayes, Double Soul-1044: tribute to a black woman/ (part 2) $15-
6299. Hermans Hermits, Mgm-k 13398: sea cruise/just a little bit better. BB. $10-
6300. Englebert Humperdinck, Parrot-40015: there goes my everything/U love. $10-
6301. Englebert Humperdinck, Parrot-40065: another time another place/you're - $10-
6302. *The Ingredients, ToddlinTown-101: Hey Who/please don't leave me. $26-
6303. Iron Butterfly, Atco-6606: In-a gadda-da-vida/iron butterfly theme.
6304. *The Illusion, Steed-718: Falling in love/did u see her eyes. $12-
6305. Janis Ian, Polydor-107: Society's child/younger generation blues.
6306. Luther Ingram, koko--2111: If loving you is wrong-/puttin' game down.
6307. Luther Ingram, Koko-2115: Help me love/always.
6308. Julio Iglesias, Cbs-A2801: Amor/no me vuelvo a enamorar. P/C. UK.
6309. Burl Ives, De-31504: I'm the boss/the moon is high $10-
6310. Burl Ives, De-31479: Baby come home to me/roses & orchids. $10-
6311. Burl Ives, De-25691: Jealous/U know U belong to somebody else. $10-
6312. Burl Ives, MonkeyJoe-1: The Christmas legend of monkeyJoe/its gonna- $10-
6313. The Irish Rovers, De-32371: The biplane ever more/liverpool Lou. $10-
6314. *JAN & DEAN, J&D-402: Like a summer rain/Louisiana man. $38-
6316. Juggy Murray Jones, Jupiter-902: Inside America/ (part#2) $14-
6317. Jackson 5, Motown-1179: Never can say goodbye/she's good. BB
6318. Jackson 5, Motown-1286: Dancing machine/it's 2 late to change --
6319. Jackson 5, Motown-1308: I can't quit your love/whatever U got -
6320. Jackson 5, Motown-1356: All I do is think of U/forever came today.
6321. Michael Jackson, Epic-34-07418: Bad/Bad. DJ. P/C. $14-
6322. Michael Jackson, Epic-34-07253: I just can't stop loving you/(same)P/C$14-
6323. Jermaine Jackson, Motown-1201: Thats how love goes/I lost my love-
6324. Olivia Newton-John, Mca-40209: If U love me let me know/brotherly love.
6325. Olivia Newton-John, Uni-55281: If not for you/the biggest clown.
6326. Elton John, Mca-40148: Goodbye yellow brick Road/young man's Blues
6327. Elton John, Mca-40046: Daniel/skyline pigeon.
6328. Tommy James & Shondells, Roulette-4695:Lots of pretty girls/say I am. BB.
6329. Freddie Jackson, Cap-5535: He'll never love you-/I wanna say I love U. P/C
6330. Freddie Jackson, Cap-5565: Love is just a touch away/(same)
6331. Cheryl Johnson, The BugSingers-273: Delinquent baby/astronaut. $125.00
6332. Johnny & Hurricanes, TripOldies-93: Reveille rock/red river rock.
6333. Jay & Techniques, Smash-2142: Strawberry shortcake/still-
6334. Jade, Master-1006: They call the wind Mariah/your cheatin' heart.
6335. Johnny Jervis, Creole-100: Take me out to ball game/Lara's theme.
6336. Tommy James, Fantasy-761: Devil gate drive/I love you love me love.
6337. Billy Joel, Col-3-10913: Big shot/root beer rag.
6338. *John & Ernest, RainyWednesday-201: Super fly meets shaft/part #2. $14-
6339. *Syl Johnson, Zachron-600: Straight love no chaser/surrounded. $23-
6340. Mahalia Jackson, Nashboro-300: In the upper room/(part #2)
6341. Jake Jones, Kapp-2143: Breathe deep/trippin' down country road. DJ.
6342. Sonny James, Cap-3015: Empty arms/everything begins & ends with U.
6343. Sonny James, Cap-2700: It's just a matter of time/this world of ours.
6344. Jeb & Cousin Easy, Par 7-1002: The pool game/(same) (country humor)
6345. Art Jones, Raven-81069: She loves me/off my mind. $14-
6346. Michael Jackson, Motown-1739: Call on me/farewell my summer love.
6347. Jefferson Starship, Grunt-13811: No way out/Rose goes to Yale.
6348. Jakata, Motown-1778: Golden girl/light at the end of the tunnel.
6349. Greg Johnson, Fraternity-3582: Lovin' in the moonlight/I found faith.
6350.*FREDDIE KOENIG & Jades,Verna-500: Little white cloud-/i've never- $25-
6351. *Freddie Koenig, Verna-502: Willie & the hand jive/day break. $25-
6352. *Freddy Koenig, Lori-9544: I know you/road runner. $25-
6353. *Freddy Koenig, Lori-9548: Hey Clarice/1 last tear drop.$100.00- 1st pressing
6354. *Freddy Kanig, Lori-9560: The stronger my love/lovers get together. $25-
6355. *Freddy Karl, Suave-714: Do you wanna dance/moment of glory. $25-
6356. *Sax Kari, Fla.Rock-100: Two lovers/slow down baby. $14-
6357. *Sax Kari & Bluesville Ex,KingBee-4003:The things I used 2 do/I want 2 wish- $15-
6358. *Ronny Kae & his drums, Honey-11778: Wipe out/Harry,play those drums. $14-
6359. *B.B.King, Kent-426: Blue shadows/and like that. $15-
6360. *B.B.King, Kent-441: Eyesight to the blind/just like a woman. $15-
6361. *B.B.King, Kent-4526: Worried life/walkin' Dr. Bill. $15-
6362. B.B.King, Abc-12158: when I'm wrong/have faith
6363. *Albert King, Stax-0020: Blues power/night stomp. BB. $14-
6364. Albert King, Atlantic-13090: Born under a bad sign/crosscut saw. BB. RI.
6365. *Albert King, Tomato-10012: Born under a bad sign/I got the blues. $14-
6366. *The Knockouts, Tribute-200: I got a woman/part# 2. E** $15-
6367. *The Kingsmen, Wand-164: Death of an angel/searching for love. $18-
6368. *Eartha Kitt, Rca-47-5502: Santa Baby/under the bridges- P/C - E. $30-
6369. The Kay-Gees, Gang-1326: waiting at the bus stop/part# 2. $14-
6370. Richie Kall, King-5857: No more/she's found somebody new. $15-
6371.*Keith, Merc-72639: 98.6/the teeny bopper song. BB. P/C.
6372. Chaka Khan, WB-7-29195: Chinatown/I feel for you.
6373. Chuck Kirkpatrick, GoodSounds-713: Surf's up/I'm that one.
6374. Kool & the gang, DeLite-880 869: Cherish/vocal/inst.
6375. The Knack, Cap-4731: My Sharona/let me out.
6376. Eddie Kendricks, Tamla-54260: Honey brown/get the cream off the top.
6377. Robert Knight, RisingSons-705: Everlasting love/somebodys baby. $18-
6378. Gladys Knight & Pips, Lost Night-382: Every beat of my heart/room-
6379.*Little Eddie, Reginald-555/6: Teddy bear blues/the skrooch. $22-
6380.*Bobby Long, GlowHill-503: Don't you run/I slipped tripped. $45-
6381.*Jerry Lee Lewis, SUN-312: I'll sail my ship alone/it hurt me so. $20-
6382. Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun-68: Invitation to your party/1 minute past -
6383.*Jerry Lee Lewis, Sun-1119: Waiting for a train/big legged--Yellow Wax $15-
6384. *The Last Word, Atco-6498: Can't stop loving you/don't fight it. $14-
6385. *The Lovin' Spoonful, KamaSutra-208: Day dream/Night owl blues. $14-
6386. Little Milton, Stax-0252: How could U do it to me/packed up & took -
6387. Little Milton, Glades-1741: Just one step/(same)
6388. John Lennon, Cap-44230: Jealous guy/ (same)DJ.P/C $15-
6389. John Lennon, Geffen-49644: Woman/(Yoko Ono)BeautifulBoys. $15-
6390. John Lennon, Apple-1881: Stand by me/move over Ms. L. $14-
6391. Gary Lewis & Playboys, Liberty-55985: Jill/new in town.
6392. Diane Landry, Suave-713: I can't go on any longer/little boys
6393. Frankie Laine, Col-4-40079: Blowing wild/answer me ,Lord above- $18-
6394. Frankie Laine, Col-4-40036: Hey Joe/sittin' in the sun- $18-
6395. Jeff Lopez, Teardrop-3425: Jenny/Jacob.
6396. Chuck Firkpatrick, GoodSounds-713: Surf's up/I'm that one.
6397. Looking Glass, Epic-5-11001: Wooly eyes/Jimmy loves Mary Anne.
6398. Little Willie John, Gusto-2026: Talk to me/let them talk.
6399. Latimore, Glades-1716: Stormy monday/theres no end. BB.
6400. Lindisfarne, Elektra-45778:Meet me on the corner/fog on the tyne. DJ.
6401. Kenny Loggins, Col-38-74029: My fathers house/conviction of the heart.
6402. Bob Lockwood, Palomino-4: The lonesome road/(Jimmie Dale) got-
6403. Loretta Lynn, De-32693: U wanna give me a lift/whats the bottle done- BB
6404. Loretta Lynn, De-732637: I know how/journey to the end of my world. BB
6405. Loretta Lynn, De-732513: One little reason/to make a man-.BB. (below also)
6406. Loretta Lynn, De-732586: Lets get back down to earth/wings upon your Horns
6407. Reg Lindsay, ConBrio-155: I'd walk a mile 4 a smile/I just try & smell -
6408. *Mickey Murray, SSS-755: Flat foot sam/Jodie. $24-
6409. Matthews Southern Comfort, De-32874: Tell me why/to love. BB.
6410.. Midnight Flite, SRI-121319: Don't turn away/(NBC sports theme) $14-
6411. The Midas Touch, De-32724: Color my world/Viva- BB.
6412. Montanas, De-32682: Hey Diddle diddle/lets get a little sentimental.
6413. Madonna, Sire-28425: La Isla Bonita/(same,long/short)
6314. Madonna, Geffen-29051: Crazy for you/no more words.
6415. *Rev. Willie Morganfield, Jewel-259: Can I ride/old landmark. $14-
6416. Gary Moore, Virgin-99211: Led Clones/Speak for yourself. P/C.
6417. MadMax Emillion & Smart Bombs, Missle-11:The Momar mash/long/short
6418. Paul McCartney, Cap-5597: Press/Press. DJ. P/C $14-
6419. Paul McCartney, Apple-1861:My Love/the mess.
6420. Messiah, MagicMinstrel-3001: Easy living/alpha wave.
6421. Van Morrison, WB-7543: Tupelo honey/starting a new life.
6422. Mary MacGregor, Ariola-7638: Torn between two lovers/I just want 2 love u
6423. Bette Midler, Atlantic-2928: Superstar/do you want to dance.
6424. Lonnie Mack, Buccaneer-3001: Memphis/Lonnie on the move.
6425. Jimmy McGriff, GrooveMerchant-1029: The main squeeze/the sermon.
6426. Les McCann, PacificJazz-350: The shampoo/Kathleens theme.
6427. The Steve Miller Band, Cap-4424: Babes in the wood/jet airliner.
6428. Steve Miller , Cap-4372: Fly like an eagle/the lovin' cup.
6429. Steve Miller, Cap-4323: Rock'n me/shu ba da du ma ma ma ma.
6430. Art Jerry Miller, Enterprise-9002: Grab a handfull/finger lickin' good.
6431. Barry Manilow, Artista-0339: Copacabana/ (same, long/short)
6432. The Mills Brothers, Paramount-0117: Strollin'/ l-o-v-e.
6433. Anne Murray, Cap-3600: What about me/let the sunshine have its day.
6434. The Main Ingredient, Rca-74-0340: You've been my insperation/life won't-
6435. Melanie, Neighborhood-4201: Brand new key/some say(I got devil)
6436. Moments, Stang-5073: I don't wanna go/oh I could have loved you.
6437. Byron Mac Gregor, Westbound-222: Americans/ (Westbound strings)
6438. B.J.Morgan, Orbit-1034: The lady/(same,but instrumental)
6439. *Frank Marshall, Arcade-160: Louisiana Schuffle/I can't get u- $26-
6440. Bill Monroe, De-732574: Fireball mail/with body & soul. BB. $12-
6441. Moon Mullican, Kapp-2055: Fools like me/big big city. BB
6442. Jimmy Martin, De-32674: Future on ice/Arab bounce. BB
6443. Jimmy Martin, De-732553: Milwaukee here I come/shackles & chains. BB. $12-
6444. Jimmy Martin, De-31748: Sunny side of the mountain/20-20 Vision. BB.
6445. Delbert McClinton, Cap-4948: Giving it up for your love/my sweet baby.
6446. Lorrie & George Morgan, 4*-1040:I'm completely satisfied/from this moment on.
6447. Marty Maggio, NCP-1002: Wabash cannon ball/faded love. $12-
6448. The New Society, Rca-47-9149: I've been thinking about u baby/love u till- DJ
6449. Jimmy Nelson, Modern-29: T-99/meet me with your black dress on. RI.
6450. Johnny Nash, Epic-5-10949: Stir it up/oob baby you've been good 2 me.
6451. Stevie Nicks, Modern-7341: Bella Donna/leather & lace.
6452. Noah, Dunhill-4308: Peaceman's Farm/somethings in my way. DJ.
6453. Laura Nyro, Verve-5051: And when I die/Flim flam man.
6454. Edard Nelson, Specialty-720: Pale Blues/free,free,free. DJ. $12-
6455. New Colony Six, Merc-72775: Hold me with your eyes/I will always think-
6456. New Colony Six, Merc-73004: Barbara I love you/prairie grey.
6457. Night Ranger, Mca-52420: When U close your eyes/why does love - P/C.
6458. The New Seekers, Elektra-45710: When theres no love left/beautiful people.
6459. Nu Snooz, Atlantic-89446: I can't wait/make up your mind.
6460. Dirk Noel, Arrow-10131: Three words/monday mornin' mind.
6461. Jimmy Newman, De-732609: Louisiana Dirty Rice/foolishly. BB
6462. Jimmy Newman, De-732549: There'll always be a song/three. BB.
6463. Jimmy Newman, De-32668: Washington,D.C./be proud of your man. BB.
6464. Jimmy Newman, De-32440: Future farmers of America/my prayer 4 today. BB.
6465. Jimmy Newman, De-32285: Sunshine & Bluebirds/I'm sorry letters. BB.
6466. Jimmy Newman, De-31994: Unwanted feeling/bring your heart home. BB.
6467. Willie Nelson, Rca-pb-12328: Mountain dew/laying my burdens down.
6468. Willie Nelson, Col-11418: Angel flying 2 close 2 the ground/I guess I've come -
6469. The Outsiders, Bell-904: Changes/lost in my world. BB.
6470. Donny Osmond, Mgm-14322: Hey Girl/I knew you when.
6471. The O'Kaysions, Abc-11153: Love machine/dedicated to the one I love.
6472. Original Symptoms, Ambition-100: Double shot-/people sure act funny. P/C.
6473. Osibisa, De-32957: Move on/survival. DJ.
6474. Osibisa, De-32920: Music for gong gong/Ayaycw (backwards) DJ.
6475. Molly O'Bryan, Up-N-up-0798: Let it be you/only you.
6476. The Osborne Brothers, De-32680: Mid night angel/listening to the rain. BB $14-
6477. The Osborne Brothers, De-732598: Ruby, are you mad/sempre. BB. $14-
6478. The Osborne Brothers, De-732516:Tennessee hound dog/thanks 4 all the- BB. $14-
6479. Jim Owen, Buddy-2001: I loved you once/waltz of the roses.
6480. Buck Owens, Cap-3907: (its a) Monsters holiday/great expectations.
6481. Tommy Overstreet, Elektra-46564: Smokey mountain lullaby/fadin' renegade.
6482. The Oak Ridge Boys, Mca-41078: Dream on/sometimes the rain -
6483. *ELVIS PRESLEY, Rca-47-8780: Frankie & Johnny/please don't stop- P/C. $40-
6484. *Elvis Presley, Rca-447-0647: Blue Christmas/santa claus is back- P/C. $23-
6485. *Elvis Presley, Rca-pb-13875: Baby, let's play house/hound dog. P/C. Gold Wax $20-
6486. *Ralph Prescott, Lanor-564: Hot, Hot Lips/forgetting you. $100.00
6487. *Joey Paige, VJ-704: Roll over Beethoven/goodnight my love. $20-
6488. *Bobby(Boris) Pickett, Metromedia-0089: Me & my mummy/(sam e)
6489. Tom Petty & Heartbreakers, Backstreet-41138: Don't do me like that/Casa-P/C
6490. *The Playgirls, Rca-47-7719: Sugar Beat/Gee but I'm lonesome. E** $23-
6491. Peter & Gordon, Cap-5864: Hurtin' is lovin'/sunday for tea. P/C
6492. Wilson Pickett, Atlantic-2381: Nothing U can do/everybody needs somebody -
6493. Wilson Pickett, Atlantic-2631: Born to be wild/Toe hold. BB.
6494. Wilson Pickett, Atlantic-13030: Don't let the green grass fool U/ 99 1/2. RI.
6495. Wilson Pickett, TripOldies-70: Its too late/if you need me.
6496. Billy Preston, Apple-1808: That's the way God planned it/what about you.
6497. Bernadette Peters, Mca-51152: Dedicated to the 1 I love/broadway baby. P/C
6498. Peppermint Rainbow, De-32410: And I'll be there/will U b staying after sunday.
6499. Peppermint Rainbow, De-732562: You're the sound of love/jamais. BB.
6500. Peppermint Rainbow, De-732601: Good morning means goodbye/don't love-
6501. Peter,Paul & Mary, WB-7100: Lemon tree/if I had a hammer. RI.
6502. Peter,Paul & Mary, WB-7279: Day is done/make believe town.
6503. Lloyd Price, Mca-2424: I'm gonna get married/Just because. RI.
6504. Janice Payson, Atlantic-89587: Changes of heart/andromeda.
6505. The Pipkins, Cap-2819: Gimme dat ding/to love you.
6506. Panguitch Street Choir, Cap-3264: Give me something to believe in/people -
6507. Bob Poff, PP-2: Old Charlie/all of my desires.
6508. Johnny Paycheck, LD-0016: Motel time again/if U should come back today.
6509. Ray Price, Col-4-21510: Crazy arms/you done me wrong. E**. $20-
6510. Webb Pierce, De-732508: This thing/does my memory ever cross your mind. BB.
6511. Webb Pierce, De-32694: The man you want me to be/too long. BB.
6512. Webb Pierce, De-732641: Fool's night out/merry-go-round world. BB.
6513. Webb Pierce, De-732577: Love ain't never gonna b no better/the other side- BB.
6514. Bill Phillips, De-732565: Little boy sad/I'm living in two worlds. BB.
6515. Bill Phillips, De-732638: She's hungry again/you've still got a place in my heart. BB
6516. Billy Parker, De-32652: I get a happy feelin'/if these tears could talk. BB. 6517. Ray Price, Col-4-45583: That's what leavings about/the lonesomest lonesome. 6518. Charlie Pride, Rca-pb-13648: Living it up-/ev'ry heart should have one. 6519. Bettye Jean Plummer, Salem-2000: Baby I want you back/I believe. 6520. Stella Parton, SCB-088: It's not funny anymore/I've got 2 get back on the right- 6521. Suzi Quatro, Bell-609: Devil gate drive/ (same) dj. 6522. *JOHN R, USD-1041: Soul Man/keep your baby home. $24- 6523. *The Roamers, Hit-218: I want candy/I like it like that. $23- 6524. Charlie Rich, Epic-5-11040: The most beautiful girl/feel like going home. 6525. *Charlie Rich, Smash-1993: Mohair Sam/I washed my hands--BB. 6526. Mitch Ryder, NewVoice-826: Wild child/you are my sunshine. (Dark Blue Label)
6527. Mitch Ryder, NewVoice-826: (Same as above,except Multi Colored Label)
6528. The Rustix, RareEarth-5014: Come on people/free again. BB
6529. Rare Earth, RareEarth-5043: Nice to be with you/what'd I say.
6530. *The Rare Breed, Attack-1401: Beg,borrow & steal/Jeri's theme. $18-
6531. Frank Roberts, Imp-66167: Words & music/western union. DJ.
6532. Sam Russell, Imp-66396: Footprints in the sand/whole lotta livin'. DJ.
6533. Tito Rodriguez, Rca-47-5822: Adele-mambo/El Baion. $14-
6534. Kenny Rogers & 1st.Edition, Reprise-0829: Rudy-/girl get ahold -
6535. Smokey Robinson & Miracles,Tamla-54162: If U can wait/when the words -
6536. Smokey Robinson & Miracles,Tamla-54184:Abraham,Martin & John/ Much better-
6537. The Rugbys, Amazon-4: The light/Wendegahl the warlock. $14-
6538. *The Rugbys, Amazon-1: You, I / stay with me. DJ. $14-
6539. *Billy Joe Royal, Players-1: Really you/I'm specialized. DJ. $16-
6540. Robbie & Revelations, De-31828: Bluebirds over the Mnt/have I stayed— DJ. $14-
6541. Lana Rae, De-32927: Talking to the wall/you're my shoulder to lean on.
6542. Helen Reddy, Cap-3645: Delta Dawn/if we could still b friends.
6543. Helen Reddy, Cap-4108: You don't need a reason/bluebird.
6544. Helen Reddy, Cap-3231: No sad song/more than you could take.
6545. The Rainbows, Baron-100: Undertaker/it's terrific. $20-
6546. Tommy Ridgley, Ronn-36: In the same old way/I'm not (Print bad) E**
6547. Jimmy Roselli, MR-2001: Oh U Million Dollar Doll/put your arms around me. DJ
6548. Jimmy Roselli, UA-866: Laugh it off/why don't we do this more often. P/C.
6549. Righteous Brothers, Cap-7004: Love is not a dirth word/give it to the people.
6550. The Rolling Stones, RS-21300: Neighbours/hang fire.
6551. The Rolling Stones, RS-13238: Waiting on a friend/little T & A. RI.
6553. The Rolling stones, RS-19301: It's only rock & roll--/through the lonely nights. $14-
6553. The Rolling Stones, RS-19104: All down the line/happy. $14-
6554. The Rolling Stones, RS-19100: Brown sugar/Bitch. $14-
6555. The Rolling Stones, RS-19307: Far away eyes/miss you. $16-
6556. The Rascals, Atlantic-2599: Baby I'm blue/heaven.
6557. The Rascals, Atlantic-2743: You don't know/glory glory.
6558. The Rascals, Atlantic-2493: A beautiful morning/rainy day.
6559. The Rascals, Atlantic-2584: A ray of hope/any dance'll do.
6560. Jerry Reed, Rca-47-9904: Amos Moses/the preacher & the bear.
6561. Eddie Rabbitt, WB-29279: B-B-B-Burnin' up with love/747.
6562. David Ruffin, Motown-1140: My whole world ended-/I've got to find- BB.
6563. Kenny Rogers, Liberty-1503: Scarlet fever/what I learned from loving u.
6564. Lou Rawls, Cap-2550: Season of the witch/your good thing-
6565. R.E.M., WB-19242: Shiny happy people/forth second song.
6566. Linda Ronstadt, Asylum-46654: I can't let go/look out for my love.
6567. Linda Ronstadt, Asylum-46624: Hurt so bad/Justine.
6568. Linda Ronstadt, Asylum-45479: Tumbling dice/I will never marry.
6569. Linda Ronstadt, Cap-3990: You're no good/I can't help it.
6570. Linda Ronstadt, Asylum-46602: How do I make you/Rambler gambler. P/C.
6571. REO Speedwagon, Epic-50120: Running blind/out of control.
6572. ***Prescott Reed, Brunswick-9-55104: Russia,Russia-/baby where y been- DJ. $40-
6573. ***Tommy Riddle, Spinn-1001: Poppa poppa da da/Unclaimed soldier. $35-
6574. The Rockets, Cap-5262: Turn up the radio/can't sleep. P/C.
6575. Johnny Rivers, Imp-66286: Look to your soul/something strange. P/C.
6576. Jim Reeves, Rca-47-8789: Distant drums/old tige.
6577. Marty Robbins, Col-4-43870: Mr.Shorty/tall handsome stranger. $14-
6578. Marty Robbins, Col-4-41686: I told my heart/is there any chance. $18-
6579. Leon Rausch, Longhorn-586: Sooner or later/winner gets the dime.
6580. *The Sleepless Knights,Jerroc-1000:Driving me crazy/don't hide your love- $23-
6581. *The Shondells, King-5656: Wonderful One/I gotta tell you. $23-
6582. Joe Simon & Claire Bathe, Posse-5018: You gave life to me/ (same) stereo
6583. *Some Other Animal, Cypher-103: All alone on the highway/I dont need- $24-
6584. *Johnny Sayles, Mar-V-lus-6001: Got you on my mind/you did me wrong. $24-
6585. *Split, Solid-4817: Drifting/Blowin' smoke. $14-
6586. *Small Faces, Immediate-501: Itchycoo Park/I'm only dreaming. $25-
6587. *Jeb Stuart, Esquire-9555: Hey Foxy Lady--/somebody's got to win. $28-
6588. Smothers Brothers, Merc-71937: Down in the valley/where the lilacs grow. dj
6589. *Jo Stafford, Col-4-39811: You belong to me/pretty boy- $20-
6590. *The Status Quo, Cadet-7006: Ice in the sun/when my mind is not live. BB. $14-
6591. *Joe Simon, Charly-109: Bring it on home to me/when I'm gone. P/C $25-
6592. The Shirelles, Forever-21002: Baby its you/love that man.
6593. The Shirelles, Collectables-3002: Soldier boy/dedicated to the one I love.
6594. Bob Seger, Cap-4449: Rock & Roll never forgets/the fire down below.
6595. Bob Seger, Cap-4702: Ols time rock & roll/sunspot baby.
6596. Bob Seger, Cap-4581: Still the same/feel like a number.
6597. Bob Seger, Cap-4904: Betty Lou's gettin' out tonight/you'll accomp'ny me.
6598. *Jeri Lynn Sands, Arcade-153: Steady Freddy/as long as I can drean. $25-
6599. Simon & Garfunkel, Col-4-33135: Scarborough fair/I am a rock. RI.
6600. Frank Sinatra, Cap-f3703: Crazy love/so long my love. $16-
6601. Frank Sinatra, Cap-f3290: The tender trap/weep they will. $16-
6602. Frank Sinatra, Cap-f3130: Not as a stranger/how could U do a thing like- $16-
6603. Frank Sinatra, Reprise-0764: My way of life/cycles.
6604. Frank Sinatra, Reprise-0702: That's life/my kind of town. RI.
6605. The Scruffs, PowerPlay-1955: Break the ice/she say yea. P/C. $15-
6606. Sam & Dave, Atlantic-2608: Get it/born again.
6607. Bruce Springsteen, Col-07595: Brilliant disguise/lucky man. P/C. $15-
6608. Bruce Springsteen, Col-04772: I'm on fire/I'm on fire. DJ. P/C. $15-
6609. Bruce Springsteen, Col-38-04463: pink Cadillac/dancing in the dark.
6610. The Scaffold, Bell-724: Do you remember/carry on krow. dj.$15- (Paul McCartneys bro.?)
6611. Rick Springfield, Rca-pb-13738: Love somebody/great lost art of--. P/C.
6612. Ron Shaw, PacificChallenger-1631: Save the last dance 4 me/if walls- dj.
6613. Smith, Dunhill-4238: Born in Boston/what am I gonna do.
6614. Mike Settle & Settlers, FolfSing-1002: Settle down/brandy wine blues. dj.
6615. Carlos Santana, Col-38-04034: Lightnin'/Havana moon.
6616. Jonathan Swift, De-32672: Down in Louisiana/I haven't got anything better- dj.
6617. The Sound Laboratory, SSS-740: Rainy day girls/Rainy day girls. dj.
6618. Carole Sands, Cap-2785: Glory hallelujah how they'll sing/we're never gonna -
6619. Paul Simon, WB-7-21933: Graceland/you can call me Al. RI.
6620. Don Stovall, Timestar-2294: Running wild/memories about you.
6621. The Stylistics, Avco-4661: Funky weekend/ if you are there.
6622. Sister Sledge, Atco-7008: Don't you miss him/love don't you go through -
6623. The Slightly Twisted Disapointer Sisters, Rox-422: No more Madonna/slightly -
6624. Steppenwolf, Dunhill-4234: Twisted/hey lawdy mama.
6625. T.G.Sheppard, WB-50041: Finally/all my cloudy days are gone.
6626.T.G.Sheppard, WB-49690: I loved ‘em every one/I could never dream -
6627. Red Sovine, Starday-757: Long night/too much. dj.
6628. Jean Shepard, Cap-5822: Heart we did all we could/my momma —
6629. Delmer Sexton & Rone Co. Boys, BlueJay-896: I will not b denied/looking 4 -
6630. Joe Stampley, Abc-17642: The night time me & my baby/the most beautiful -
6631. Red Simpson, Cap-3236: I'm a truck/where love used to be.
6632. Nat Stuckey, Rca-74-0590: He's got the whole world in his hands/forgive me -
6633. Sammi Smith, Mega-204: The rainbow in daddy's eyes/Birmingham mistake.
6634. Red Steagall, Elektra-46590: 3 Chord country song/Jackson Hole Wyoming.
6635. Jeannie Seely, De-732628: Have you found it yet/please be my new love. BB.
6636. *RUFUS THOMAS, AOA-126: Blues in the basement/if there were no-
6637. Rufus Thomas, Atlantic-13093: Walking the dog/the dog. RI.
6638. *Doyle Templet, Alart-501: Waiting all alone/you know what to do. $25-
6639. *The Todds, ToddlinTown-102: I want her back/things will change. $30.00
6640. *B.J.Thomas & Triumphs, Lori-9547: Hey Judy/I've got a feeling. $23-
6641 *The Triumphs, Master-1002: Houston won't call me/Warner the drummer.
6642. B.J.Thomas,Scepter-12277: Everybodys out of town/living again.
6643. B.J.Thomas, Scepter-12255: Fairy tale of time/pass the apple Eve. BB.
6644. The Time Keepers, Generation-111: Nasty/3 minutes Heavy. $20.00
6645. *The Truth, Cadet-5627: A day like today/I can. E**.
6646. Tommy Tate, JacksonSound-1005: Let us be heard/peace is all we need. $15-
6647. Joe Tex, Atlantic-13111: Skinny legs & all/I want to- RI.
6648. Johnnie Taylor, Stax-202: Toe hold/Little bluebird. BB. $14-
6649. Tin Tin, Atco-6821: Is that the way/swans on the canal.
6650. McKinley Travis, Pride-2: Baby is there something on your mind/you've- $23-
6651. The Tokens, B.T.Puppy-502: He's in town/oh Kathy. $15-
6652. George Thorogood & Destroyers,Emi-50121:Treat her right/U can't catch-P/C $14-
6632. *Joe Tex, Dial-4061: C.C.Rider/a woman's hands. dj.
6633. Tina Turner, Cap-5491: We don't need another hero/(long & short)
6634. Tina Turner, Cap-Cap-5461: Show some respect/lets pretend- P/C.
6635. *Tina Turner, Playback-1101: Stand by your man/(same)
6636. A Taste of Honey, Cap-4565: Boogie Oogie oogie/world spin.
6637. *Jon Thomas, Abc-10,140: Buffalo blues/hey, hey baby.
6638. James Taylor, WB-8137: Mexico/gorilla.
6639. The Triplets, Merc-878 864: Pyramids og pleasure/U don't have 2 go-
6640. Tony's Tygers, A&M-921: Little by little/days & nights. dj. $14-
6641. Oscar Toney Jr, Bell-688: Unlucky guy/U can lead your woman- $16-
6642. T-Connection, Cap-4995: Groove city/heaven in your eyes.
6643. The Tubes, Cap-5217: She's a beauty/when you're ready to come.
6644. The Turtles, WhiteWhale-334: Lado-O/somewhere friday nite.
6645. The Tempations, Gordy-1765: Treat her like a lady/isn't the night fantastic.
6646. Titiyo, Arista-2224: My body says yes/peace & quiet.
6647. Norma Tracey & CinderellaKids, DayDell-1005: Leroy/harpsichord blues. dj
6648. Hank Thompson, Mca-41176: Point of no return/Tonys tank up,drive in cafe.
6649. Mel Tillis, Kapp-2072: Where love has died/she'll be hanging around-- BB.
6650. Mel Tillis, Kapp-2086: Heart over mind/lingering memories. BB.
6651. Mel Tillis, Kapp-2031: These lonely hands of mine/cover mama's flowers.
6652. Mel Tillis, Mgm-14372: Things have changed a lot/would U want the world-
6653. Mel Tillis, Mgm-14418: I ain't never/burden of love.
6654. Mel Tillis, Mgm-14454: Neon rose/it's my love-
6655. Mel Tillis, De-31623: I'm gonna act right/It'll be easy. BB.
6656. Ernest Tubb, De-325555690: Dear Judge/a good year for the wine. BB.
6657. Ernest Tubb & Friends, Cachet-4507: Walkin' the floor-/let's say goodbye-
6658. E.Tubb & Loretta Lynn, De-732570:If we put our heads together/I chased U- BB.
6659. Texas Troubadours, De-732587: Jamming with C and C/ridgetop stomp. BB.
6660. Conway Twitty, Elektra-47302: The clown/the boy next door. P/C.
6661. Conway Twitty, Mca-41271: Soulful woman/I've never seen the likes of you
6662. Conway Twitty, Mca-52032: Over Thirty-/love salva(tion.
6663. Union Jack, Brewtown-0004: Hey lady/strike up the band- $14-
6664. Al Vance, Goldwax-51865: Have you seen Jean/every woman I know. $28-
6665. The Vikings, Athens-201: Nicotine/sneaky surfin'. $30
6666. *The Villagers, Petal-1410: Headless nightmare/to be redeemed. $14-
6667. Bob Veno, Crane-201-421: You're just perfect/listen honey. $25-
6668. Billy Vera & Beaters, Rhino-74403: At this moment/I can take care of myself.
6669. Ritchie Valens, Goldies 45-2626: La Bamba/blue birds over the mountain. BB.
6670. Billy Vaughn, Dot-16262: Come September/Berlin melody.
6671. Vanity, Motown-1833: Under the influence/(same) DJ. P/C.
6672. Leroy Van Dyke, Kapp-2091: Belle/an old love affair now showing. BB
6673. Stevie Wonder, Tamla-54200: Heaven help us all/I gotta have a song. BB.
6674. Stevie Wonder, Tamla-54226: Superstition/you've got it bad girl.
6675. Stevie Wonder, Tamla-54286: Another star/creepin'
6676. Stevie Wonder, Tamla-1808: Part time lover/(same) DJ. P/C.
6677. Stevie Wonder, Motown-1745: I just called to say I love you/(Instrumental)
6678. Stevie Wonder, Motown-1919: You will know/S. Wonder Interview. DJ.
6679. Witches & the Warlock, Sewcity-103: Behind locked doors/(same) E**
6680. Dick Whittinghill, Dot-16701: Apology at bedtime/the square.
6681. Wednesday, Sussex-507: Last kiss/without you.
6682. Wild Fire, Chess-2173: Put some more flavor/magic.
6683. We in a Nutshell, Villa-68017: Never fade away/now she's gone. $25-
6684. Ian Whitcomb, Tower-274:Poor little bird/where did Robinson Caruso go- $14-
6685. Bobby Williams, R&R-15312:You need love like I do/everybody needs love- $18-
6686. J.Frank Wilson, Eric-130: Last kiss/hey little one. RI.
6687. Nancy Wilson, Cap-2422: I'm your special fool/you'd better go.
6688. *Beti Webb, Mgm-K13715: I have,I have/I know. BB.
6689. The Warblers, Baron-101: Is this the real thing/it's wrong. $14-
6690. Anita Ward, Juana-3422: Ring my bell/If I could feel that old feeling again.
6691. *Junior Wells, BrigStar-146: Cut my toe nail/I'm losing you. $15-
6692. Harlow Wilcox & Oakies, SSS-401: Groovy grubworm/golden guitar flower. $14-
6693. The Whispers, Solar-69658: Never too late/some kinda lover.
6694. Betty Wright, Ms.R-7001: Pain/Pain the rap.
6695. Andy Williams, Col-4-43180: Dear heart/Emily. dj.
6696. Wings, Cap-4594: I've had enought/deliver your children.
6697. Wilburn Brothers, De-32683: Lilacs in winter/Country boy. BB.
6698. Wilburn Brothers, De-32169:You're standing in the way/goody,- gumdrop.
6699. Wilburn Brothers, De-732531:The signs are everywhere/who could ask 4- BB.
6700. Wilburn Bros, De-73608: Little Johnny from down the street/which sides- BB
6701. Kitty Wells, De-32700: Your love is the way/it's written all over your face BB.
6702. Kitty Wells, De-732535: Just a cheap affair/don't call me your darling.
6703. Kitty Wells, De-732629: Gonna find me a bluebird/I don't see what I saw. BB.
6704. Kitty Wells, Ruboca-122: Thank you for the roses/loving U was all I ever-
6705. Karen Wyman, De-32760: I don't know how to love him/after you've gone.
6706. Jimmy Wakely, De-732595: My sweet lovin' wife/I wanta go home. BB.
6707. Bobby Wright, De-32705: Hurray home to me/my home away from home. BB.
6708. Bob Wills, Mca-60087: Deep in the heart of TX/Faded love(W/Mel Tillis)
6709. Slim Whitman, Imp-66311: My heart is in the roses/happy street.
6710. Slim Whitman, Imp-66226: You bring out the best in me/what's this world -
6711. Dottie West, Rca-47-8770: Would U hold it against me/you're the only world -
6712. Don Williams, Mca-52514: True blue hearts/walkin' a broken heart.
6713. Steve Wariner, Mca-53419: Runnin'/hold on -
6714. Don Williams, Mca-52389: That's the thing about love/I'm still looking 4 U.
6715. Don Williams, Mca-52245: Nobody but you/if love gets there before I do.
6716. Don Williams, Mca-52097: Fool fool heart/mistakes.
6717. Don Williams, Mca-41304: I believe in you/it only rains on me.
6718. Don Williams, Mca-41205: Good ole boys like me/we're all the way.
6719. Hank Williams Jr, Elektra-69960: If heaven ain't a lot like Dixie/the American -
6720. Hank Williams,Jr, Elektra-47462: Honky tonkin'/high & pressurized.
6721. Hank Williams Jr, Elektra-47102: Texas women/you can't find many kissers
6722. Gene Watson, Cap-4772: Should I come home-/beautiful you.
6723.* X-Cellents, SurePlay-0003: Little wooden house/hang it up. $25-
6724. *The XTREEMS, StarTrek-1221: Substitute/facts of life. $25-
6725. 'Weird Al” Yankovic, TK-1043: Another one rides the bus/gotta boogie.
6726. Ray Yeager, Tiara-100: Country boy/empty bottle. dj.
6727. Young-Holt Unlimited, Bruns-55391: Soulful strut/country slicker Joe.
6728. Young-Holt Unlimited, Bruns-755417: California montage/straight ahead. dj.
6729. *The Yellow Payges, Uni-55107:The 2 of us/never put away my love-BB. $16- 6730. Yes, Atlantic-2854: Roundabout/long distance runaround.
6731. Victor Young, De-9-29203: The High & the mighty/moonlight & roses. sol $12-
6732. Val Young, Gordy-1830: If you should ever be lonely/(same) P/C.
6733. *The Zombies, Date-2-1203: Imagine the swan/time of the season. $14-


7000. The Beatles,Emi/Ctepeo-c60 23581 008:A Taste of Honey (RUSSIAN) N- $30-
7001. The Beatles,Emi/Ctepeo-c60 23579 008:A Hard Days Night.(Russian) N- $30-
7002. Brownsville Station, Big Tree-2102: Yeah. New/Sealed. $18-
7003. Shelly Berman, Verve-15027: A Personal Appearance. New/Sealed $18-
7004. Chubby Checker/DeeDee Sharp,Cameo-1029: Down to Earth. New/Sealed. $75-
7005, Ray Charles,Atlantic-sd 8054: the greatest RC. Simulate stereo. M- $40-
7007. Capital City Rockets, Elektra-75059: New/Sealed. $28-
7008. The Cichlids, Bold-306: Be True to your School.New/Sealed. $32-
7009. Wilbur DeParis, Atlantic-1253: At Symphony Hall. bb.N-- $40-
7010. Bobby Darin, 33-131: the Bobby Darin story. Stereo. M- $40-
7011. Bobby Darin, Atco-33-104: That's All. mono. N-- $45-
7012. The Dynatones,WarBird-9008: Curtain Call (live) New/Sealed. $28- (C.Musselwhite)
7013. Dave Duddley, Buckboard-1031: Down the Road. st. N-- $15-
7014. David Frye, Elektra-74085: Radio free Nixon. C/O. New/sealed. $18-
7015. Fawlty Towers, BBC-22405: Second Sitting. (TV Soundtrack) New/sealed. $18-
7016. Four Tops, Dunhill-50129: Keeper of the castle. st. New/Sealed. $18-
7017. Carol Hall, Elektra-75018: Beads & Feathers. c/ New/Sealed. $26-
7018. George Hamilton 4, Mca-3206: Forever young. st.C/O. New/Sealed. $18-
7019. Jack Jones, Kapp-3531: Our Song. st. New/Sealed $18-
7020. KISS, Merc-826-099: Asylum. st. N-- $23-
7021. Loretta Lynn, Mca-5293: I Lie. C/O New/Sealed. $23-
7022. Lisa Mari, Alma-910: Cree Queen. st. New/Sealed. $18-
7023. Sandy Nelson, Imp-9168: Drums are my beat. mono. E* $18-
7024. ELVIS PRESLEY,Sun-1001:The Sun years. Interviews & Memories. Sealed. $28-
7025. Elvis Presley, Rca-hy-1001: The Sun Collection. (& great Bio.) New/Sealed. $28-
7026. Elvis Presley, Rca-cpl1-0341: A Legendary performer, Vol# 1.N-- $35-
7027. Elvis Presley, Rca-cpl1-3078:A Legendary performer,Vol# 3. New/Sealed. $40-
7028. Elvis Presley,Moho-m60 4819 003:(RUSSIAN) 16 early songs. New. $28-
0000. Mitch Ryder, Personal-49820: like a rolling stone. NEW / SEALED. $35-
0000. Bill Russo, Atlantic-1241: the world of Alcina. (Black Label) E++ $40-
7029. Boots Randolph, Monument-8015: Hip Boots. mono. E*. $18-
7030.Jeannie C.Riley, Plantation-2: Yearbooks & Yesterdays. st.New/Sealed. $28-
7031.Johnnie Ray, Cbs/Warwick-5065: 20 Golden greats. mono. N-- $18-
7032.Rod Stewart & Faces, SpringBoard-4030: st.New/Sealed. $18-
7033. Donna Summer,Oasis-5004: A love trilogy. st.N-- $18-
7034. Paul Vance, Scepter-557: Ma Vie-My $18-
7035. The Zantees, Bomp-4009: Out for kicks. New/Sealed. (RAB) $28-

Record albums $15.00 unless marked differently.

7036. Louis Armstrong plays W. C. Handy, Col-CL591: Rare. M- $50-
7037. Faye Adams, Zion-104: sings the Lord's prayer. M-- (very rare) $30-
7038. Roy Acuff, (& Smoky Mt. Boys) Mgm-E3707: favorite hymns. M-- $35-
7039. Roy Acuff Rounder/CBS-19797: fly bird fly,1939-41. New
7040. Roy Acuff Rounder-18665: 1936-39. steamboat whistle blues. New
7041. Hadda Brooks, Crown-5010: femme fatale. M-- $45- mono. rare
7042. Beach Boys, Cap-T2027: Shut down, vol# 2. M-
7043. Leon Bibb sings, Col-CL1762: M-. mono. $15-
7044. The Beatles, Cap-ST2228: Beatles 65. Stereo. orig. M-$30-
7045. The Beatles, Cap-MAS2386: Help. VG+. Orig. $25-
7046. The Beatles, Cap-SEAX-11840: Sgt. Peppers PICTURE DISC. SEALED. $50-
7047. The Dave Brubeck Trio, Fantasy-3-205: VG++ (bot. seam ? open) $65-
7048. (the) Dave Brubeck Trio, Fantasy-3-204: VG. (slight seam dam) $50-
7049. Teresa Brewer's Greatest Hits, Philips-600-062: Stereo. New 2
7050. Emile Barnes, Folkways-2858: Early Recordings,#2/1951-52. New. $25-
7051. Boswell Sisters, Biograph-C3: 1932-34. Connee, Helvetia & Martha. New.$15-
7052. James Brown, King-1127: Super Bad. Stereo. BB-hole.(c/o) M—
7053. Bailes Brothers, Old Homestead-103: Johnnie & Homer. (1975 album) New. $20-
7054. Johnny Bond, Starday-333: Ten Little Bottles. Mono. M-
7055. Brother Oswald & Charlie Collins, Rounder-0041: That's Country. NEW.—
7055. AUTOGRAPHED. $20-
7056. James Cleveland, Live at Carnegie Hall, Savoy-7014: 2-Record-Set. New. 1977
7057. Petula Clark, WB-1590: Down Town. Stereo. M-
7058. Jimmy Clanton, Ace-1007: Jimmy's Happy. New. $40- mb. 1960
7059. Patsy Cline, Vocalion-73753: Here's Patsy Cline. M- stereo. $20-
7060. IKE COLE, Promenade-2099: Ike Cole Sings. Mono. M-- $25- mb
7061. the Crests, Collectables-5009: PICTURE DISC, SEALED. (w/Sweetest one)
7062. Ray Charles, Atlantic-1369: The Genius After Hours. Mono. M- $25-mb
7063. Ruby Braff's All-Stars, Epic-LN3377: mono. M--. $25-mb
7064. Salvatore Baccaloni in Stereo,GrandAward-230: sings popular Italian songs. M-
7065. Johnny Cash, Sun-1220: Hot and Blue Guitar. NEW. Orig. $50- mb. Mono.
7066. Johnny Cash, Sun-1240: Greatest. Orig. NEW. $50- mb. mono
7067. Johnny Cash, Sun-1255: Now Here's Johnny Cash. Orig. NEW. $50- mb. mono
7068. Johnny Cash, Sun-1270: all aboard the Blue Train. Orig. NEW. $40-mb. mono
7069. Johnny Cash, Col-CS8255: Ride this train. Stereo. Orig. New. $25-mb
7070. Johnny Cash, Col-CL2446: mean as hell. Mono. Orig. M-. $25-mb
7071. Johnny Cash, Col-KG32253: The Gospel Road. 2-Record Set. New. $25-MB
7072. Dion, Laurie-2009: Runaround Sue. Mono. VG++. $20- mb
7073. Lonnie Donegan & Skiffle,GoldenGuinea-0135: the golden age of-M-$25-
7074. the Doors, Elektra-60269: Alive she cried. Stereo. M-
7075. Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Heart, Cap-ST11513: Stereo. New
7076. Bobby Darin, Atco-33-104: That's All. Orig. (old style yellow label) NEW. $50-
7077. Bobby Darin, Atco-33-131: the Bobby Darin story. Stereo. New. $40-
7078. Joey Dee & Starliters,Roulette-25166: Doin' the Twist at Peppermint Lounge. M. $20-
7079. Bob Dylan, Col-CS8579: Bob Dylan (1st.album) Stereo. Red. orig. NEW. $100-
7080. Bob Dylan, Col-CL1986: the Freewheelin'. Orig. (as above) mono. M-- $100-
7081. Bob Dylan, Col-CL2105: the times they are—DJ/w/Timing Strip. New. $150-
7082. Delmore Brothers, OldTime -6002: (silver dollar, precious jewel & 10. New. $25-
7083. Delmore Brothers, Pine Mountain-218: In Memory,# 1. SEALED $30-
7084. Ella Fitzgerald, Verve-4013: sings Gershwin song book. Orig.Mono. M-- $35-
7085. Ella Fitzgerald, Verve-8064: at the Opera House. Mono.orig. VG++. $35- mb
7086. Ella Fitzgerald, Verve-4001-2: Sings Cole Porter Songbook. 2-Records. V+
7087. Aretha Franklin, Atlantic-SD8307: In Paris. (live) Stereo. New. $25-mb
7088. Aretha Franklin, Atlantic-SD2 911: 30 Greatest Hits. 2-Record-Set. New. $28-
7089. the Fleetwoods Greatest Hits, Liberty-LN10159. Stereo. New. $20-
7090. Red Foley, De-DL8806: The Keepsake Album. DJ. Mono. New.$35-mb. 1958
7091. Red Foley, De-DL8847: Lets All Sing with Red Foley. M- $30-
7092. Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs, Col-CL2255: The fabulous sound-- $25- New
7093. Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs, Harmony-HL7402: mono. New. $20-
7094. Flatt and Scruggs, Everest-357: Bluegrass Banjo. New. $20-
7095. the Gentrys, Mgm-E4336: Keep on Dancing. Mono. M- $25-
7096. Lesley Gore, Merc-SR60805: I'll ry if I Want To. Stereo. New. $45-
7097. Jimmy Gilmer & Fireballs, Dot-3545: Sugar Shack.mono. M- woc-bot. cover
7098. Roy Hamilton, Epic-LN3294: You'll never walk alone. Mono. M—$45-
7099. Roy Hamilton, Epic-LN3580: Have blues must travel. Mono. M—$30-
7100. Roy Hamilton, Epic-LN3628: Roy's biggest hits/at his best. Mono. M—$20-
7102. Herman's Hermits, Mgm-E4342: Hold On. Stereo. Sealed/New. c/o $28-
7103. Ferlin Husky, Cap-T1204: Born to lose. Mono. New
7104. Indian Creek Delta Boys, Davis Unlimited-33042: vol# 2. SEALED. (old Timey) $20-
7105. Jan & Dean, Liberty-LRP3377: The little old lady from Pasadena. M-. $25-sol
7106. Wanda Jackson, Cap-T1776: Wonderful Wanda. Mono. New $30-
7107. Wanda Jackson, Cap-T1911: Love me forever. Mono. New $30-
7108. Barbara Lewis, Atlantic-SD8173: Workin' on a Groovy Thing. DJ. VG+. soc
7109. Ramsey Lewis, Chess-2ACH-9001: Solid Ivory, Greatest hits. 2-Records. M- $18-
7110. Jim & Jesse,& Va.Boys, Epic-24031:Bluegrass Special. NEW.(their 1st) $50-mb
7111. Joe Maphis, Harmony-HL7180: Hi-Fi Holiday for Banjo. DJ. M-. $25-mb
7112. Joe Maphis & Rose Lee, Cap-T1778: with Blue Ridge Mnt.Boys. New. $30-mb
7113. Skeets McDonald, Cap-T1040: Goin' Steady with the Blues. NEW.$100-mb
7114. George Morgan, Col-CL1044: Morgan by George. Mono. New. $50- mb
7115. Morningstar Express, Davis Unlimited-33045: Humble Beginnings. SEALED (Old Timey) $25-
7116. Ricky Nelson, Imperial-9048: Ricky.(1st.album & 1st.pressing)New. $100- mb
7117. Ricky Nelson, Imperial-9050: Ricky Nelson. (2ed album) M-. $100- mb
7118. Buck Owens, La Brea-8017: Buck Owens. NEW.(Very Rare,esp.New)$200-mb
7119. Original Washboard Band, Rca-lsp-1958: Scrubbin' & Pickin'. Stereo. M- $30-
7120. the Frank Ortega Trio, Jubilee-1112: The Embers. NEW. $35- mb
7121. the Outsiders, Cap-ST2501: Time Won't let Me. Stereo. M— $25-
7122. the Outsiders, Cap-T2568: Album # 2.mono. New. $25-
7123. Anita O'Day, Verve-MGV2000: Sings. (lite scratches only) VG+
7124. Elvis Presley, Rca-LPM1515: Loving You. M-. (1st.pressing)$200- mb
7125. Elvis Presley, Rca-LPM4088: NBC-TV Special. SEALED.$100- mb
7126. Bill Russo, Atlantic-1241: The World of Alcina. M—(Bl.label)$30- mb
7127. Bobby Rydell, Cameo-C1070: Top Hits of 1963. (WITH FREE BONUS 45-RPM) NEW. $25-
7128. Lou Rawls Live, Phila.Int-35517: Stereo. 2-Record-Set. M-
7129. Ike & Tina Turner, A&M-SP4178: River Deep, Mountain High. Stereo. M- $40-
7130. the VENTURES, Dolton-8003: Walk Don't Run. Stereo. (like NEW ) $55-
7131. Whispers, Solar-S27: Love is Where You Find It. Stereo. New. Soc.
7132. Bob Dylan, Col-CXT-38830: BIOGRAPH. 3 CASSETTES, booklet & title Sheets. M- $35-

The Following Are CD's *** CD's $14.00 Each (& postage)

6823. Crazy world of Arthur Brown, Pol;ydor833 736-2: N--
6824. Chris Bailey, Aurora-30836: Savage Entertainment. New/Sealed
6825. Anthem, ccd-488: Desolation Angels. New/Sealed
6826. Doctor Adamski, Mca-10130: Musical pharmacy. New/Sealed
6827. Byron Davis & Fresh Krew, htcd-3315: Shotgun. New/Sealed
6828: Ella Fitzgerald, cd-226: The Unique. (21 songs) New/Sealed
6829. Donna Fargo, Success-16099: United States of America.New/Sealed
6830. Debbie Gibson, Atlantic-82167-2: Anything is possible. New/Sealed
6831. Havana Black, Hollywood-60995: Exiles in Mainstream. New/Sealed
6832. Gigolo Tony, Hot-3332: All You Need. New/Sealed
6833. Sara Hickman, Elektra-60903-2: Equal Scary People. New/Sealed
6834. George Jones, Success-pk510: A Good year for the roses. New/Sealed
6835. Celia Lipton, Ind-cml-1389: The London I Love. N--
6836. Celia Lipton, Irc-cml-1390: The Best of Times. New/Sealed
6837. The Mills Brothers, GoldenStar-64013-2: Sweet & Slow.New/Sealed
6838. The Moody Brothers, FC-4513: Cotton-Eyed Joe. c/o. New/Sealed
6840. MEG, Hot-3331: Lover Girl. New/Sealed
6841. Frank Sinatra & Ella Fitzgerald, Mtlco-5066: Memories,#16. New/Sealed
6842. O.J.Simpson, CD Rom: People of Calif.Vs.O.J.(Trial Transcripts) Sealed
6843. Renegade Saints, RR-190-2: Fear of the sky. C/O. New/Sealed
6844. Billy Swan, Sony-ak57913: Billy Swan's Best. New/Sealed
6845. Stephanie, Hot-3330: Get Away. New/Sealed
6846. Earl Slick, WB-26699-2: In Your Face. C/O.New/Sealed
6847. Bob Wills, Classic-76512: Roly Poly. New/Sealed
6848. The Sun Records Collection, 2 CDs, Box, 36 titles, some very early. 2 Pazz007: SS New/Sealed. (Howlin Wolf, Prisonaires , Jackie Brenston, Jr.Parker, etc.) German. $27.00
6849. Little Richard, She's Got It, 2 CD Box. 36 titles. All His Specialty cuts, maybe others ? Pazz-034. New/Sealed. From Germany. $27.00
6850. George Beverly Shea, Precious Memories. 3 CDs from Readers Digest. 1993. M-, 60 titles. With Booklet. $27.00
6851. Paul McCartney‘s Liverpool Oratorio. w/Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orch.& Chior. 2 CDs. 1991. With Booklet. EMI-54371 2. M- $27.00
6852. Gerald Albright, Dream Come True. Atlantic- 7 82078. 10 titles. New, not sealed $16-
6853. Ace of Base, The Sign. Arista-18740-2. $16.00
6854. Gabriela Anders, Wanting. WB-46907-2. M- (bot.hinge on case broken) $15-
6855. Buffalo Springfield, Retrospective. The Best of--. Atco-38-105-2. M- $16-
6856. Rick Braun, Full Stride. Atlantic-83141-2. M- $16-
6857. Rick Braun, Beat Street. Bluemoon-2-92559. M- $16-
6858. Rick Braun, Body and Soul. Bluemoon-2-92743. M- $16-
6859. James Brown 20 All Time Greatest Hits. Polydor-314 511 326 2. 1991. M- $18-
6860. Jerry Butler,Greatest Hits.Orig. Recordings.11 titles. M- Curb-D2-774129. M- $17-
6861. Tony Braxton, Secrets. LaFace-6020. M- $16-
6862. Anita Bryant,Paper Roses. Golden Classics .14 titles.Collectables-5649.M-$16
6863. Mariah Carey, Music Box, Columbia-53205. M- $16-
6864. Mariah Carey, Butterfly. Columbia-67835. M- $16-
6865. Mariah Carey, Vision of Love, etc. Never Opened/New. Columbia-45202. $16-
6866. Mariah Carey, Mariah #1s. Columbia-69670. M- $16-
6867. Robert Cray, Take Your Shoes off. 2-CDs. RYKO-10479. 1999. M- $23-
6868. Robert Cray Band, False Accusations. Hightone-8005. 1985. M-. $20-
6869. Robert Cray Band, Bad Influence.w/2 Bonus Tracks1985. Hightone-8001; M- $20-
6870. Robert Cray, Too Many Cooks. Tomato-70381. 1989. M- $18-
6871. Robert Cray, I Was Warned. Mercury-314 512721-2. 1992. M- $16-
6872. Robert Cray, Midnight Stroll. Mercury-846 652 2. 1990. M- $16-
6873. Robert Cray, Sweet Potato Pie. Mercury-314 534 483 2. 1997. M- $16-
6874. Robert Cray, Some Rainy Morning. 1995. Mercury-314 526 867 2. M- $16-
6875. Robert Cray, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. 1988. Mercury-834 932 2. M- $16-
6876. Robert Cray, Shame + A Sin. Mercury-314 518 237 2. 1993. M-- $15-
6877. Robert Cray, Strong Persuader. 1986. Mercury-830 568 2. M- $16-
6878. Eric Clapton, The Cream of Clapton. Polydor-P227116. New/Sealed. 1995. $20-
6879. Eric Clapton, Pilgrim. 1998. Reprise-9 46577 2. M- $16-
6880, Randy Crawford, Through the Eyes of Love. 1992. WB-9 26736 2. M- $16-
6881. Randy Crawford, Every Kind of Mood.1997.Atl/Bluemoon-92785 2. M- $16-
6882. Randy Crawford, Best of RC. WB-9 45942 2. M- $16-
6883. Al Di Meola, Orange and Blue. 1994. Bluemoon-R2 79197. M- $16-
6884. Tracy Chapman, New Beginning. 1995. Elektra-61850 2. M- $16-
6885. Bob Dylan, Blonde on Blonde. Columbia-CGK 841. M- $16- (2)
6886. Bob Dylan. Greatest Hits. Columbia-CK 65975. M- $15-
6887. Bob Dylan. Time Out of Mind. 1997. Columbia-CK 68556. M- $16-
6888. Bob Dylan. Oh Mercy. 1989. Columbia-CK 45281. M- $16-
6889. Blossom Dearie. May I Come In ? Debut Capitol- 95449 2. M- $16-
6890. Candy Dulfer. Sax-A-Go-Go. (bot. hinge broken. M- $15-
6891. Esteban. Duende. (Guitar) 1999. DSP-0025. M- $16-
6892. Esteban. Songs from my Heart. (21 songs) 1999. DSP-0003. M-- $16-
6893. Richard Elliot. On The Town. Manhattan-125541. M- $16-
6894. Rachelle Ferrell. Individuality (Can I Be Me ?) Capitol-94980 2. M- $16-
6895. Eddie Fisher. All TIME Greatest Hits, Vol.1 Rca-9592 2. M- $16-
6896. John Frye. The Give Away. 1997. Eye of the Arts-201 50 02. M- $16-
6897. Al Green. 14 Greatest Hits. Motown-6111 MD. M- $16-
6898. Marvin Gaye. 15 Greatest Shits. Tamla-6069TD. M- $16-
6899. Heart. Greatest Hits. Capitol-553376. New/Sealed. $17-
6900. Everette Harp. Common Ground. M- $16-
6901. Warren Hill. Life Thru Rose Colored Glasses. M- $16-
6902. Gregory Hines. Jelly's Last Jam (Orig. Broadway Cast) M- $16-
6903. Herbie Hancock. Gershwin's World. 1998. Verve-557 797 2. M- $16-
6904. Herbie Hancock. Head hunters. Columbia-65123. M- $16-
6905. Omar Hakim. Rhythm Deep. 1989. GRD-9585. M- $16-
6906. Randy Hall, Love You Like a Stranger. 1988. MCA-42148. M- $16-
6907. Incognito. Beneath The Surface. Verve-395 2. 1997. M- $16-
6908 Etta James. Her Best. Chess 50th Anniversary. 1997.Chess/Mca-9380. M- $16-
6909. Etta James. Let's Roll. 2003. Private Music/RCA-11646 2. M- $16-
6910. Boney James. Sweet Thing. 1997. WB-46929 2. M- $16-
6911. Boney James. Seduction. 1995. WB-45913 2. M- $16-
6912. Quincy Jones. From Q With Love. 2 CDs WB-46490 2. New/Sealed. $20-
6913. Jewel. Pieces of You. 1994. Atlantic-82700 2. M- $16-
6914. Earl Klugh. Move. 1994. WB-45596 2. M- $16-
6915. Earl Klugh. Sudden burst of Energy. 1996. WB-45884 2. M- $16-
6916. Earl Klugh. Peculiar Situation. 1999. Windham Hill Jazz-11383 2. M- $16-
6917. Earl Klugh & George Benson. Collaboration. 1987. WB-25580 2. M- $16-
6918. Diana Krall. The Look of Love. 2001. Verve-314 549 846 2. New/Sealed. $20-
6919. Dave Koz. Lucky Man. 1993. Capitol-164060. M- $16-
6920. Jonny Lang Wander This World. 1998. A&M-0984. M- $16-
6921. Bobby Lyle. The Journey. 1990. Atlantic-Jazz. 82138 2. M- $16-
6922. Wes Montgomery. The Incredible Jazz Guitar. Riverside-9320. M- $17-
6923. Wes Montgomery. The Best of. Blue Note-12031 2. M- $17-
6924. Lee Morgan. The Sidewinder. Blue Note-85157 2. M- $17-
6925. David Murray. Ming's Samba. 1989. Portrait-44432. M- $16-
6926. Van Morrison. Moondance. WB-3103 2. New/Sealed $17-
6927. New Radicals. Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too.1998. MCA-11858. M- $16-
6928. Roy Orbison. In Dreams (only)(Promotional CD Single)1987.Vergin-2044.M-$17-
6929. Phil Perry. One Heart One Love. 1998. Private Music-82163 2. M- $16-
6930. Smokey Robinson. The Ultimate Collection. Motown-0775. M- $16-
6931. Otis Redding. The Very Best of OR. Atlantic/Rhino-71147. M- $16- (3)
6932. Joshua Redman Quartet. Moodswing. 1994. WB-45643 2. M- $25-
6933. Lee Ritenour. This is Love. 1998. IE/Polygram-557 290 2. M- $25.00
6934. Lionel Richie. Time. 1998. Mercury-558 518 2. M- $16.00
6935. Lionel Richie. Truly The Love Songs. M- $16.00
6936. The Rippingtons. Feat. Russ Freeman. Topaz. 1999. Windham-11438 2. M- $16-
6937. Russ Freeman & The Rippingtons. Sahara. 1994. GRP-9781. M- $16-
6938. R.E.M. Out of Time. 1991. WB-26496 2. New/Sealed. $25-
6939. Paul Simon. Negotiations & Love Songs 1971-86. WB-25789 2. M- $16-
6940. Paul Simon. Graceland. 1986. M- $16.00
6941. David Sanborn. Inside. 1999. Elektra-62346 2. M- $16-
6942. John Scofield. Hand Jive. . 1994. Blue Note-106001. M- $18-
6943. Spyro Gyra. Got The Magic.1999.New/Sealed. Windham Hill.-11439 2. $28.00
6944. Earl Slick. In Your Face. 1991. WB-26690 2. C/O. New/Sealed. $16.00
6945. Joe Sample. The Best of Joe Sample. WB-46937 2. M-. $28.00
6946. Jimmy Scott. Dream. 1994. Sire-45629 2. M- $17.00
6947. Bobby Short. Moments Like This. 1982. Atlantic-82474 2. M-- $20.00
6948. Sting. The Best of Sting 1984-94. A&M-0269 2. M- $16.00
6949. The Temptations. Phoenix Rising. 1998. Motown-0937. New/Sealed. $27.00
6950. Tina Turner, Simply The Best. 1991. Capitol-101195. M- $18.00
6951. Johnnie Taylor. Taylored to Please. 1998. Malaco-7488. M-- $16.00
6952. Taj Mahal. Dancing The Blues. 1993. Private Music-82112 2. M- $18.00
6953. Tom Teasley. Global Standard Time. 1999. TT-0962. M- $16.00
6954. Wayman Tisdale. Decisions. 1098. Atlantic-83129 2. M- $16.00
6955. Shania Twain. You're Still The One. & Don't Be Stupid-- 2-Song , only 1998
Mercury-314 568 452 2. M- $28.00 6956. Luther Vandross. Songs. 1994. Epic/Sony-57775. M- $16.00
6957. Dinah Washington. Sings Standards. 12 tracks. M- $16.00
6958. Barry White. The Icon is Love. 1994. A&M-0115 2. M- $16.00
6959. Bobby Womack. The Best of. Cema-56710. M- $16.00
6960. Bill Withers. Lean on Me/The Best of. Columbia-52924. M- $17.00
6961. Peter White. Perfect Moment. 1998. Columbia-69013. M- $16.00
6962. Kirk Whalum. For You. 1998. WB-47124 2. M- $18.00
6963. Yanni. Reflections of Passion. 1990. Private Music-2067 2. M- $16.00
6964. Yanni, In My Time. 1993. Private Music-82106 2. $16.00

Out of sequence CDs.

6965. Marc Antoine. Urban Gypsy. (Guitarist) 1995. NYC-6020 2. M- $17.00
6966. George Benson Quartet.It's Uptown.Columbia-66052.Debut1966/2001.M- $18.00
6967. Eric Benet.True to my Self.WB-46270 2. M-$16.00 (small break in case edge only)
6968. Steven Cragg. Discovery. New World Music-434. M- $16.00
6969. Macy Gray.. On How Life Is. 1999. Epic-69490. M-- $16.00
6970. Cheito. Cheito. Crescent Moon-643231. M- $17.00
6971. Marc Dorsey. Crave. 1999. Jive-41664 2. M- $16.00
r, Liberty-98483-2: All About Love. New/Sealed
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